MYTH: Oxygenated Water is something special

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Okay, a friend of mine brought this big load of crap into my ever skeptical light. So this overpriced shit water apparently contains so much oxygen it will give you more strength, agility, and overall performance enhancement when you drink it. But the fact is that unless you are a fish, you aren’t getting anything except water. Your lungs are the only way you get the oxygen needed to power your body not your digestive tract. That’s why we drown when we are submerged in water! I mean really, think about this before you buy into it. If you could get oxygen solely from drinking water, what’s stopping you from just drinking a shit-load of it when you are drowning at the bottom of a lake? The bottom line is: you can’t get oxygen from a bottle of water. And not only that, you can’t get any extra oxygen than you normally do because the body wont allow it–or will get very sick trying. Taking a bunch of deep breaths isn’t going to cause anything but you passing out; evolution of our bodies and lungs has prevented this. “According to the [research], the are only two ways to carry oxygen in the blood…when it is bound to hemoglobin or dissolved in the plasma. In most people hemoglobin is already 97 to 98 percent saturated with oxygen.” ( Sport Medicine). In fact, too much oxygen has been proven to be bad for you! Take oxygen bars for example. This is a place where you pay for oxygen and sit and breathe it in much like a regular bar. This oxygen is 95% pure whereas we typically breath 21% pure air on a daily basis. But this has been proven to actually be harmful to you:

Also, let me point out that there is only so much oxygen you can compress into a bottle of water. It certainly is not enough to even equal a single breath. And even if you got it in there, as soon as you opened the bottle it would all escape back into the air. I mean, you should take serious offense to this! These companies think you are a complete moron; dumb enough to buy into something that is completely obvious. And the sad thing is that LOTS of people buy into this. Don’t be another sucker.

So, rest assured you are not missing anything by not drinking this miracle drink. This is just another drink fad that has no merit or scientific research to back the medicinal claims. It is bottled snake oil; just a modern reject from a traveling medicine show. Be sure to get plenty of regular water because dehydration can cause muscle fatigue and all kinds of other problems, but don’t forgot to breath while doing so or you will FUCKING DIE!

Here’s some more stuff to check out (although a simple google search will give you plenty of debunking facts–I had to really try to find an actual article or page supporting this hunk of shit).


MYTH: “Granddaddy Longlegs” are the most poisonous “spider” in the world.

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I’ve been hearing this bullshit for years and could never understand why this myth was started and why anyone believed it in the first place.  I’ve had people say “No man, really.  These things contain a deadly venom but…’s teeth are too small to bite you, so you don’t have to worry about it.”  Sounds pretty convenient. Here’s a funny story.  A friend of mine got tired of hearing this bullshit one day and said “Oh, so it’s full of deadly venom, it just can’t get into me because of it’s tiny teeth?” He then grabbed a handful of the “spiders” off the wall and ate them whole and then saying, “There, now shut the fuck up. That’s a triple dose. I’m still alive.” While this was a really funny way to debunk this stupid myth, there are much more sanitary and less disgusting methods of proving this wrong.

First of all, a “granddaddy long-legs” is called a Harvestmen and is not a spider at all.  It is an Arachnid; part of the spider family, but it’s order is actually Opilones. But the main part we want to look at is the myth of the deadly venom bullshit.  So let us start and finish there.

It’s as easy as this: they have no venom in their bodies.  People study these things, and anyone who has studied them or even thought about them logically knows they have no venom and have no use for venom. They are omnivores and mainly eat fruits, dead stuff, fecal matter, and other types of plants, fungi, etc. while only occasionally eating small insects.  If this was in fact the “most deadly spider in the world” why isn’t it out there taking down elephants and shit? Giving an animal a seriously deadly venom, and no way to use it, is a major flaw in evolution and just doesn’t happen.

I’m not going to waste any more time on this stupid myth. You can find this information anywhere if you just take the time to look it up.

Here, just check out Wikipedia.  They have a pretty in depth bio on the Harvestman. Or here for even more information!

MYTH: Mosquitoes Can Only Fly 10 ft from the ground.

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I had a friend call me about this myth and I wasn’t really sure about it because I have never really heard it about it until recently. Without doing any research I would say that this is definitely a myth, but also has some merit. If you think about it, why would a mosquito really need to fly higher than ten feet? All it’s prey is usually on the ground running around, so venturing up any higher would actually be very dangerous, especially at night when bats are out hunting. Also, mosquitoes are very light weight, and winds tend to be stronger the higher up one gets, so there is another peril for the high flying mosquito. One must also ask one’s self what kind of mosquito is this myth attached to? There are over 2700 species of mosquito in almost every country in the world. Are they all limited to 10 feet? In the Amazon the trees cover practically everything and stand sometimes hundreds of feet in the air. Wouldn’t a mosquito need to get up there from time to time since that is where all the food hangs out?

But some simple research into the matter led me to this statement located at “In general, mosquitoes that bite humans prefer to fly at heights of less than 25 ft. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes have been found breeding in treeholes over 40 feet above ground. In Singapore, they have been found in apartments 21 stories above ground. Mosquitoes have been found breeding up to 8,000 feet in the Himalayas and 2000 feet underground in mines in India.

And here’s a picture of a swarm of mosquitoes flying about a hundred feet above Lake Malawi in Chitimba, Malawi.

So there you go folks. Mosquitoes can fly as high as they damn well please, as long as something doesn’t kill them.

MYTH: Life is Beautiful and Meaningful

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The belief that life is beautiful is completely in the eye of the beholder. If you think life is beautiful, and kind, and meaningful, that’s because you happen to be lucky enough to live a beautiful and meaningful life. Try telling a child born with AIDS in complete destitution in Africa who comes into a world of filth, starvation and death that life is beautiful. Try telling someone who gets eaten by a shark, or a bear, or a gang of bears that life is kind and generous. Trying telling yourself that life is beautiful when it suddenly becomes callous and cold. It seems the only people who are out there searching for the meaning of life are people who have absolutely nothing else to do. And finding a meaning in all life doesn’t necessarily mean your life is going to suddenly mean shit to anyone.

The truth is that life is neither meaningful, beautiful, or anything. Life is just a series of events that have no real definition or direction. It never really leads anywhere

    because life never stops


People die, people are born. Life has no color or description; it is neither gray, black & white, purple, or magenta. Life is basically clear and translucent; a vast empty, figurative space. Its “color” is totally dependent on on its backdrop. For some people, life is a veil over a series of beautiful memories, wealth and fame, love and generosity. For others the backdrop is something far worse; far more terrifying, far more cruel.

So my point is that all of you who are out there looking for a meaning to life–some kind of reason behind living–you can stop now and stop wasting your time. No other animal sits around and thinks this. A squirrel just wants to keep living, eating, shitting, etc. Stop questioning why and just continue on with the next event. Just be lucky you are getting to experience life because before you know it, it could snub you out completely. Life is only meaningful to people who are alive, anyway. It’s called self-interest. Go ask a dead person what they think about life. Go ahead, try it. Looking for meaning in life is just as big a waste as trying to talk to a corpse. And it’s rude as fuck to walk around saying “Life is beautiful. Life is so meaningful.” It’s like walking into a homeless shelter and telling everyone how great it is to own a house and have a family, and to have food to eat every night. Or like blowing smoke in the face of a 5 year old with terminal cancer.

And every time you say life is beautiful, you are giving an African baby full blown AIDS. Thanks a lot.

MYTH: The average person swallows 8 spiders every year

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I actually fell for this one for a while and was kind of disappointed if not a little bit embarrassed when I found out the truth. Well the truth is that the statistic was a complete fabrication that was introduced in an article by Lisa Holst in PC Professional (January 1993) to prove that people will believe anything they read on the internet. She came up with the “fact” from a book printed in 1954 called Insect Fact and Folklore by Lucy Clausen and from there it spread exactly how she had intended it to. To this day is remains one of the most widely circulated pieces of misinformation on the internet.

Now here’s a twist, I came across this person’s blog and apparently the information about the Article above just might be a fabrication by Snopes (which is where I learned of this myth being false). The guy in this blog could find no record of a writer named Lisa Holst or the magazine PC Professional. Even the library of congress couldn’t find such a magazine. This article may not have checked out but the 1954 book does and while Lisa Holst may not have actually started the rumor, it’s just a rumor nonetheless, and not an actual statistic with any merit. So you can sleep a little more soundly, unless you enjoyed the thought of eating spiders.

MYTH: Betsy Ross designed the American Flag

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Betsy Ross did not design the American flag. The myth started around 1870 when Betsy’ Ross’s grandson told a meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Society that she had been asked to design a flag for the newly born nation and it quickly spread without any merit. Betsy did make flags, just not the flag we all know and can’t seem to bring ourselves to burn anymore. To this day there is no proof that Betsy had anything to do with the flag. In fact, no one really knows who designed the flag. Some people believe it’s design actually comes from a military banner used during the Revolutionary War.

Go here for more information.

MYTH: Mr. Ed was a horse/Mr. Ed was a zebra

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Here’s the story.
You may have a hard time believing this one but the lovable Mr. Ed, the talking horse, was not a horse at all. The original horse that was cast was so bad at performing on cue, the series came very close to not even happening due to the majority of the already tight budget for the show being spent trying to get the problem horse actor to act.

Enter “Amelie” the zebra to save the day. Yes that’s correct, Mr. Ed was in fact a female zebra. A park in Thousand Oak, CA called Jungleland happened to have a trained Grevy’s zebra and with a hefty donation to the park by the producers, they were allowed to use Amelie for their show. But how could they pull off making a zebra look like a horse without changing the name to Mr. Ed, the talking zebra? Well, they didn’t say anything. And with all the televisions back then being black and white, no one could tell the difference. It is difficult to resolve closely integrated black and white lines on a black and white television. As a funny side note, when Johnny Cash was performing at Folsom prison, many of the inmates who were wearing the traditional black and white prison garb slipped passed guards who were viewing the performance on black & white security monitors. Anyone know if this is why the switch to orange jumpsuits was made?

Later on and whenever Mr. Ed was to make a public appearance or have a photo shoot a palomino horse by the name of Bamboo Harvester was used, and this horse basically took all the fame from poor Amelie. But luckily she was a zebra and simply did not care.

But now the twist. There is also apparently a Mr. Ed Zebra hoax. This myth about the zebra may not be true at all. I have found sources that say both. But apparently, Snopes will try to trick you from time to time. I’ve read the Zebra story in a lot of different places and now I’m seeing another side where it could be completely false, so who knows what to believe anymore?

MYTH: Jesus was born on December 25th

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Hey, guess what? Christmas is a complete lie, too! The truth is that christians forgot Jesus’ birthday a long time ago and have been celebrating it at different times ever since. Some groups chose January 6th, April 21st, May 1st, and it wasn’t until the 4th century that the church chose the winter solstice as the approximate time of his birth. They did this because during the winter solstice the day is very short and each day after gets increasingly long, and the Christians saw this as a sign of good things to come. But actually this time is a Pagan celebration of the rebirth of the sun that the Christians stole and made their own. They not only stole the date, but pretty much all the phrases, stories, and circumstances surrounding the birth,life,and death of Jesus were stolen from other gods that the pagans would pay tribute to on this day. The Persian Pagans worshiped Mithra and Mithraism was a competitor to Christianity until the 4th century. But Mithra’s story is the exact same as Jesus: born of a virgin at night in a manger around shepherds and gift carrying Magi. Mithra was said to have traveled performing miracles, and so on. Just like Jesus.

Dionysus is another savior-god whose birth was observed on December 25th. He was worshiped throughout much of the Middle East and had a center of worship in Jerusalem in the 1st century BCE. Some ancient coins have been found in Gaza with Dionysus on one side and JHWH (Jehovah) on the other. In later years, his flesh and blood were symbolically eaten in the form of bread and wine. He was viewed as the son of Zeus, the Father God.

Jesus’ life and death were also not very original because the same story had been told many times before. Take for example Apollonius of Tyana who was a Greek philosopher and is believed to have been born three years before Jesus. Apollonius was a messiah to a large following of people, was killed for teaching his beliefs, was resurrected three days later, and so on. Exact same story, different guy. Appolonius was actually a lot better than Jesus if you ask me. Go here to read more about him or go here to see more parallels.

And the list goes on and on. So not only did Christians steal the date for the birth of their own Lord and savior, but they stole every facet of the story itself. And you know what? Mithra and Dionysus were all made up legends and are considered myths today…sooooooo, is it maybe possible that Jesus was just the result of Christians murdering and destroying everything that contradicted them until Jesus just became the winner in what is a collective bullshit story? You can make that decision on your own but you might as well be celebrating Santa Claus’s birthday on December 25th. That would be more historically accurate and certainly have more truth behind it based on what is practiced today.

For more information, see