MYTH: Jews were enslaved by the Egyptian Pharaoh and Moses set them free.

ADDENDUM/NOTICE (3/15/2010): Before reading the following article, I want to make some things very clear since this is obviously the most controversial post on this page based on the amount of comments following. This article is about the LACK of evidence of the events surrounding the Jewish people and the enslavement by the Egyptians. I do not quote sources because this article is pointing out the non-existence of sources. If you find something, feel free to post it–i welcome this. And please note that The Bible is NOT a credible source. As far as I am concerned it is purely a work of fiction that maybe 5% of the time is based loosely around actual historical events. It is no more credible than 15th Century Medieval literature such as Yvain, Perceval, The Quest for the Holy Grail, and other parallels of bible stories. Take all of this into consideration before proceeding. And most importantly note that I am in no way trying to disrespect anyone of the Jewish faith. but if you are still a little sore about an oppression that occurred thousands of years ago by a people who no longer exist today and never to yourself, then get over it. Talk to an African American about slavery if you want to vent. Thank you.

This one might piss some people off but the real truth is that the Jewish people were never enslaved by the Pharaoh in all those crafty little stories you’ve read about in the Bible. In fact outside of the Bible’s stories there is no record anywhere in history of this enslavement. No archaeological evidence was ever found. Thousands of people wandering through the desert for 40 years? You’re gonna leave something behind. They didn’t because it never happened. The Egyptians (who documented their history very well) left no record of it and the fact that most of the construction in Egypt was done by free Egyptians is a matter of archaeological fact. The language of enslaved people tends to become corrupted by the act of enslavement. The need for the slaves to understand their masters corrupts their language and produces a patois, a simplified mixture of both of them. Hebrew has never been such a language; it has remained a pristine west semitic language without any grammatical borrowing from the Hamitic egyptian language and the only loan word from Egyptian is the one for cygnet ring, which was also shared by the Phoenicians. The Hebrews were never Egyptian slaves, at least not in large numbers. So Moses never freed them, never drowned the Eqyptian army in the Red Sea, never received the ten commandments on that hill, and never played poker with Jesus. Well that might have happened, but sorry to all the Jewish people out there, but your ancestors were never enslaved by Egyptians. If you read the bible, and believe this strictly on faith that it happened, well that is fine, but don’t got looking for proof anywhere else because there is none.

Go here and read through the list of responses for more information on this topic or here for even more. You should watch a really great documentary on this subject and other religious topics in The God Who Wasn’t There.


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  1. Hey!
    Thanks so much for setting the record straight on this one. It’s nice to know someone else doesn’t equate the bible with reality.


    • Sandra Benne Says:

      I have posted this note a little lower on the comment page in response to another’s comment. However, I’d like to paste it again a little higher up the line for those who tire quickly of wading through dozens of comments. I’ll remove unnecessarily jaunty bits and pieces from my earlier post and just place the facts here.

      You have asked for extra-biblical sources of proof of Israelite enslavement in Egypt.

      In the Brooklyn Museum there is a papyrus scroll (numbered 35:1446) dated to the reign of Sobekhotep III (the pharaoh one generation prior to Moses). This document decrees the transfer of 95 slaves by name; half of which are Semitic. It lists the names both in the original Semitic language as well as the Egyptian names assigned to each. Seeing as more than half of the list are Israelite one can infer that a large group of Semites resided in the Egyptian Delta of that time.

      In the past, archeologist have been searching in the strata of the Nineteenth Dynasty. Various recent recalculations have revealed that the timeline equates more with the Twelfth and Thirteenth Dynasty of Egypt. More and more artifacts have begun to emerge that date the Israelites in Egypt since this correction.

      The Pharaoh of the Exodus was Dudimose. You can find writings by Manetho (the Egyptian historian who wrote an account on the collapse of Egypt during the reign of Dudimose). Some of his accounts are directly relevant to biblical accounts.

      • Saying something is Semitic does not strictly mean it is of Hebrew origin.


        Relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician…

        Of or relating to the peoples who speak these languages, esp. Hebrew and Arabic.

        If one studies the relationship Ancient Egypt had with the Phoenician City-States you would most likely assume the slaves with Semitic names where probably Phoenician.

        Dudimose? Out of all the historians of Ancient Egypt come this one guy David Rohl trying to rewrite history. Manetho’s work can only be verified by Josephus. Manetho was alive sometime around 300 BCE trying to write down history from 1300 years before him, while Josephus was alive 31-100CE. There is at least 250 years apart. How well would you trust Josephus trying to back up a historian 250 yrs before him trying to back up 1300 yrs of history before that? Also keep in mind the exodus Manetho talks about says nothing about Hebrews and calls them Hyksos.

        As already said before , the Hebrews where never slaves of the Egyptians.

        Oh, and the Jews are not a race it is a religion.

    • Alright, here are a few “proofs” that the bible contains the word of G-d.

      It is clearly written in the old testament that the Western wall of the Jerusalem temple will NEVER fall. That temple has been destroyed twice, but that western wall never got damaged. You want proof that we are wrong? Go with a tank and try and destroy it. If it goes down, all Jews have no more reason to believe in the bible’s authenticity.

      Another thing, it is said, again very clearly, that all fish that have scales, have fins. (The Mishnah in Niddah 6:9 explains that all fish that have scales also have fins. Therefore, any fish with scales is kosher.) With all the species of fish that we know and have discovered, not one has been found that has scales but not fins. Find one, and we give up our whole belief system.

      Any human being trying to trick the world by creating the old testament and making it seem as a creation of G-d, would never make these statements, especially not in the time period that it was written, for the fear of it being proven false.

      There is ALOT of other statements or “coincidences” as you might call them in the old testament that could easily be proven false if they were indeed false. Only problem is you will not find a loopwhole anywhere.

    • You are totally incorrect, I am Jewish and named after Queen Esther. This is proposperous and an outrage for all Jewish people, G-d Hayshem in Hebrew is my Messiah. I am sure a place is going to be there for you in Hell. Moses guided his people with the help of Hayshem you are useless

      • Thank you so much! It’s been a very slow day at work and I just happened upon this blog and managed to waste about an hour reading through all these posts and comments. (Obviously I’m a little late to the party as I see the majority of these comments are years old.)

        It’s hilarious how at the beginning of the blog it clearly states that the bible can’t be used as proof because it is a work of fiction. Then I read all these comments using the bible as “proof” of these facts. (The comment in all CAPS was especially entertaining.) The bible was written by white men in power to keep illiterate serfs in check. Controlling the masses through fear and oppression is a tale as old as time. And even funnier, I thought good Christians were supposed to be kind, compassionate and un-judgemental (judge not lest ye be judged – remember that one?) yet all I see are comments saying if you don’t believe what they believe, you’re going to rot in Hell. This is seriously almost as good as the latest batch of crazy Republican blogs and posts that have popped up in recent weeks.

        Thanks again for the amusement and for helping me kill part of a boring afternoon.

      • Well… You should read more. There is no hell in the Jewish faith. God made man of dust, to dust he returns. Man is mortal, no hell. I guess you are an American Jew??

    • a lot of people dont think the bible is real, but it got every mRVEL COMIC BOOK BEAT THOUGH!

    • I want to start out by saying im not a Jew! Nor do i believe the Bible to be 100% true. I’m in all honesty a Bible skeptic. However I’m a historian and a scholar.(Not an English major)Your unwillingness to cite uncredited sources is fine with me. However when introduceing something as fact you have to be able to produce some evidence. You make many statements and claim them as fact, but refuse to back them up! You hide behind a statement “This article is about the LACK of evidence of the events surrounding the Jewish people and the enslavement by the Egyptians.” However you spend your time and ours depunking the Jewish religon. Not simply addressing a lake of evdance. In the same article you contradict yourself by stating as a fact “sorry to all the Jewish people out there, but your ancestors were never enslaved by Egyptians”,”This one might piss some people off but the real truth is that the Jewish people were never enslaved by the Pharaoh” Your uncited sources are extreamly less creditabal than the Bible. You claim the Egyptians kept great records but fail to inform your reader that the Great Library of Alexandria, where most records from that era were kept was burnt to the ground in 84BC!!( You claim as fact they wernt slaves but wont prove it with history! ” construction in Egypt was done by free Egyptians is a matter of archaeological fact.” Also very wrong! Egypt is riddled with hieroglyphs depicting slaves building great structures!! I I00% believe free Egyptians also built great things without the use of slaves . I ‘m however not so ignorant to refute the fact of slaves being used in ancient times! Humans are after all a lazy animal by nature! (we can go into more detail on that later if you like)Then we come to this doozy of a statement ” but if you are still a little sore about an oppression that occurred thousands of years ago by a people who no longer exist today and never to yourself, then get over it. Talk to an African American about slavery if you want to vent. Thank you” Your helping my point every corner we turn! Why would a Jew, who was forced into slavery by a different race. Want to speak to an African American, who was first forced into slavery in American by fellow a African American( Anthony Johnson)!( Or did you not know that!! How many people will know the story of Anthony Johnson in 2800 years? It’s only two hundred years old and I’m sure most Americans have no clue of this! This is a matter of record! Where would this story be if our storage facility of information was destroyed as the library of Alexandria? Hard question to answer isn’t it? If you don’t know slave history that’s less than three hundred years old why should I take your word on something three thousand years old? You honestly produce less evidence to present your side of the debate than than the people of the Jewish faith. If I was forced to score your arugment in a debate class, and or speech I unfortanly would have to fail you! Remember all this is coming from a Bible skeptic and your doing a terrible job of convincing even me!! I look forward to reading your response but please try and be historically accurate because I’m going to nail you on it if your wrong. After all its my Job too!

    • Austin Says:

      Go to school take some history of religion classes and stop stumbling blindly through life. You know how we know it’s not real? Because every time society changes it’s thoughts about what should be moral or how to treat a group another group of people, the church has to back pedal and change it’s preachings to fit with the current times. Every time a scientific discovery is made they once again have to come up with a new way to explain it away, usually by saying, well their just stories but the rest of it’s true. God sure did a shitty job of getting his point across and saying exactly what he meant. You would think he could have been a little more articulate and said exactly what all these 21st century people wanted him to say 2000 years ago without making it so they have to change their story all the time.

  2. you unbelievers are going to hell

    • Didnt your god once say something about leaving the judgement up to him? Those who try to judge for him go to hell is how it was worded I believe. Im just the messenger.

      • so kelley, i really dont appreciate that…no offense but that statement really does contradict the faith that you seem to hold. Look at the log in your own eye before pointing out the speck in someone elses

      • You sir are an idiot…some blacks would rather give up their religious beliefs than have to admit their ancestors enslaved people (God’s people). It’s beyond me why anyone would want to link themselves to such an evil dynasty such as egyptians, they did absolutely nothing good for mankind! Just like most blacks in America seem to believe whites first brought slaves to the New World, when it was the Spanish, and furthermore it was american indians that were slaves long before and at a much higher population than blacks in America. Blacks like to feel sorry for themselves, like they are the only people in the world that have suffered atrocities. Put your energy into much more horrible atrocities like the children and adults in sex-slave trade going on right now all over the world in every race and stop your whining because every race in the world is sick of it!!!!

    • bobby frankerstein Says:

      right back at you!

    • I’ll reserve a spot just for you

    • If so, all my friends whom are wonderful, non-judgemental people are going with. Hell does’t seem so hellish.

    • See ya there Kelly! 😉

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  4. You are abosolutely right. The whole bible is nothing but borrowed mythological tall tales. Abraham was NEVER promised a home, Jesus was not born of a virgin, Noah never bulit an ark, God never wrote a damn thing on a freaking tablet of stone….etc., etc! There are big consequences of primitive allegations forming the basis of belief in modern society.

    • A Researcher of Facts Says:

      Evidence of Noah’s Flood can be seen all over the earth, from seabeds to mountaintops. Whether you travel by car, train, or plane the physical features of the earth’s terrain clearly indicate a catastrophic past, from canyons to craters to coal beds and caverns. Some layers of strata extend across continents, revealing the affects of a huge catastrophe. The earth’s crust has massive amounts of layered sedimentary rock, sometimes miles (kilometers) deep! These layers of sand, soil, and material- mostly laid down by water- were once soft like mud, but they are now hard stone. Encased in these sedimentary layers are billions of dead things (fossils of plants and animals) buried very quickly. The evidence all over the earth is starring everyone in the face

      • rjhuntington Says:

        None of that proves the bible in any way. Just because there were catastrophic natural events in Earth’s history does not mean a book that mentions them contains the word of god.

      • here’s an idea. read up on the history of the earth first and don’t be such an idiot next time 😉

      • Floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions are happening even today with regularity. Only that we live in cities and manage to keep them away somewhat, otherwise even now there would have been further stratification and sedimentation at a large scale. So, does that mean we are still living in Biblical times? How does the presence of floods and other catastrophes ‘verify’ the incident of the red sea?

      • Here’s a FACT. There is NOT enough water on the earth that would cover all land-masses simultaneously. It is factually impossible! No is it possible to “fetch” a male and female of every animal on the face of the earth and place them in a single boat!
        In ancient times, people didn’t understand things like tides, hurricanes, tornadoes or even Thunder and Lightning. So, they made up stories to fit what they couldn’t understand (ie. pillars of salt around the dead sea was from GOD turning Lott’s wife into the pillar. Instead, we know factually that these are deposits of salt that remain after portions of the sea dry-up.
        That’s the problem with “verbal tradition” being considered as reliable history. It can’t be depended upon.

      • american atheist Says:

        Thanks for setting the record straight about the egyptians. Also that whole global flood thing is a myth. Ask any geologist if you still believe those fairy tales.

      • My remorseful disappointment Says:

        I just wrote a long message trying to intellectually get across to you. I deleted it.

        I hate you.

      • There is NO evidence to prove Noah’s Flood. You seem to lack a basic understanding of geology and archaeology. Even if this catastrophic event you speak of transpired, it still does not prove it is Noah’s Flood.

      • Those things take millions of years to form not thousands.

      • Archaeologist Says:

        I make looking at strata my life’s work.
        There were catastrophes, of course. However, just knowing the law of superposition, you’ll know that not all of it happened at once. It happened slowly over BILLIONS of years.

      • This is fascinating. Is it a joke, or are some american really beleiving that?

      • Or gee, maybe plate tectonics had something to do with that. And then their are tsunamis, landslides, mudslides, volcanoes, floods, desert storms, and hurricanes.
        Also, I think it takes a lot more time than 4,000 years for dead plants and animals to become fossilized.
        Miles deep.
        Whatever it is you smoke give me some.

  5. A MAN OF GOD Says:


    • Oh my, this comment is so full of shit I almost pissed myself laughing while reading it. Are you supposed to be yelling? Is that why you type in all caps? Are you really serious with this?
      You obviously didn’t understand or read my entire article or you would have realized that using the bible as your only source is just supporting my argument even more. MY point was that there is no evidence outside of the bible that support the stories of the Jewish people being enslaved by Egyptians. And you don’t actually believe that Moses and Jesus and all those people are real do you? That’s like saying Frodo was a real person, or that Harry Potter will lead us all to salvation. They are just stories and in this particular one they MADE UP the fact that Jews were enslaved by Egyptians; it is part of the narrative process. Show me one bit of SCIENTIFIC evidence of this and i’ll glad retract my statement but reading me a bunch of bullshit out of a terribly written and compiled book of myths is no argument at all. It is just sad. That and the fact that I am always right, and you will always be wrong, because I am never, ever ever ever wrong. You can call me god if you want.

      • Yeah he isn’t really using the bible as a source during his argument but he was in the questions. It is true that the hebrews did not know that they were Jews yet. So of course they wouldn’t leave any artifacts behind they didn’t have anything they were the lowest in the social order. You are ignoring that fact and are focusing on his questions. So you think that the whole bible is full of myths well how do you explain the Holy Ghost? It is when you speak in tongues of other languages or unknown tongues. You cannot say that that is not real because people do it all the time. You also cannot say that it is gibberish because when you speak gibberish the frontal lobe in the brain would be active. That frontal lobe is active when we speak. But research shows that it wasn’t active when they tested people who had the Holy Ghost. When they worshiped the frontal lobe was not active at all. There are even people who I heard speak in different African languages praising God when they themselves was never taught that language. Japanese was spoken to along with many other languages. How come they can speak it so fluently and all be giving praises to God in that languages? They have never been taught that language before…so how? I love how people say there is no God and at the same time say that they are God I find that ironically hilarious. Since the Holy Ghost is real then God is real because he is a Holy Spirit which is the same as Holy Ghost. And since the Holy Ghost is in us then that means Gods in us. I say it’s in us because we are able to speak in these tongues when we are worshiping him. I’ve seen to many things to actually have those words of “There is no God” form in my mouth. Some things are just undeniable love…

      • brittany- if the bible said that the reason we fart is because of the holy spirit, would that make it true? just because humans are capable of certain things that we don’t understand doesn’t not mean that action is of supernatural origin. there are many similar feats of the human subconscious that have been recorded by many religions/tribes/”magicians” throughout all of time. in fact it makes much more sense to assume that the attribution of the holy spirit’s influence upon these things is contrived from the records of these happenings, from before someone decided to make up a religion to control the minds of mankind, in order to invalidate any other source of spiritual “power” and create the illusion that divinity is only attainable through god, as opposed to an understanding of the HUMAN spirit, where “god” truly resides

      • Shut up you arrogant know it all atheist prick

      • you know what who really cares what your point is when they have the BIBLE the only book that is really and truly ALL facts. I don’t care that the Egyptians didn’t record it in their written history. I have the Bible, Jesus, God, and my faith to go by.

      • Sandra Benne Says:

        Dear god

        You have asked for extra-biblical sources of proof. I’m afraid I’ve come across you site quite unexpectantly and with little time on my hands but, off the top of my head quickly, I’ll list a few pointers below.

        In the Brooklyn Museum there is a papyrus scroll (numbered 35:1446) dated to the reign of Sobekhotep III (the pharaoh one generation prior to Moses). This document decrees the transfer of 95 slaves by name; half of which are Semitic. It lists the names both in the original Semitic language as well as the Egyptian names assigned to each. Seeing as more than half of the list are Israelite one can infer that a large group of Semites resided in the Egyptian Delta of that time. Further research into this scroll may prove horrifying to you. Do go take a look if you’re keen on getting a good scare.

        god, your followers look for proof of Israel in Egypt in the strata of the wrong Dynasty. They scrounge around in the skeptic mire of the Nineteenth Dynasty when the proof is actually in the Thirteenth Dynasty of Egypt. This is an understandable mistake which has been rectified by others quite recently.

        To get your bearings straight, god, it may be good to know that the Pharaoh of the Exodus was Dudimose. You can find writings by Manetho (the Egyptian historian who wrote an account on the collapse of Egypt during the reign of Dudimose) which might interest you. Some of his accounts are directly biblically relevant.

        Again, look to the Twelve/Thirteenth Dynasty to correct your error. You may just find what you’re fearing.

        In Jesus name,


    • rjhuntington Says:

      Your shouting reminds me of religious figures who act like the more staunch and fervent they are, the more unassailable their beliefs must be.

      I’ll tell you how I explain the dead being raised. It never happened. If it had happened, we would have independent accounts of it. The first century CE is very well chronicled. Funny those writers never mentioned Jesus or any of the things Jesus is so famous for in the bible. How do you explain that?

      • First, thanks for your opinion. Everyone should still have the right to free and open thought. I read the article and many of the following replies. Interestingly on your comment about no 1st century authors writing about the events of the early church, including the true existence of Jesus, the Christ. Try reading the books of Josephus. NOT a book in the Bible but an actual 1st century historian. Our very calendar hangs upon the existence of Christ. If you read Josephus’ writings you will find that he clearly includes accounts of the miracles of Jesus as well as those of the early church. I trust that you will find the time to read Josephus. A very interesting historical writing.

      • Gonna say this now before i start to yell and scream. It ain’t C.E and B.C.E it’s B.C (Before Christ) and A.D (Anno Domini Get it remember it live it.

      • Oh and another thing who cares about the writers of the written history outside of the Bible they were probably the Pharsees who HATED Jesus Christ. So I don’t care what the nonbelievers say I’m a Christian and I follow God’s word.

    • Yelling about something that you didn’t witness is the
      act of a fool. Look at the Jew today and what he is doing,
      to the people around him, he controls the information that’s taught about him. Jewish history didn’t exist before
      the 5th century AD. so how could they be slaves in Egypt. Mark:16-9-20. will show that the bible is a made up book to control the masses, example, the bible is
      always given to an opressed people to control them. all the people of the bible are white. that should tell you something

      • He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. That is proof that the Bible is REAL

    • I agree completely, when you reject the Lord he will reject you. I advise any nonbelievers to try to find God while you still have time, or else the Devil will find you. In fact he may already have. I pray that you find the Lord.

    • YOU WERE NEVER IN EGYPT! HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY MADE BRICKS OUT OF MUD AND STRAW!? Word gets around, dumbass. Btw, writing in all caps doesn’t make you any less stupid…

    • Earth is approximately 4.55 billion years old. Radiometric dating, a method that measures the level of radioactive decay in rocks to determine how old they are has consistently aged moon rocks and meteorites at 4.4 to 4.6 billion years old. Ages of these types of rocks provide the most accurate estimates of the age of Earth and the rest of the solar system because they have not been subjected to the same forces that recycle Earth’s crust. As new land forms along cracks between the planet’s continental plates, old rocks are destroyed. Thus, the oldest rocks on Earth may not exist anymore. The oldest dated minerals, at 4.0 to 4.2 billion years old, are tiny zircon crystals found in sedimentary rocks in western Australia.

    • Actually, there are quite a few contradictions and inconsistencies in the Bible, especially regarding doctrine. It is simply not a consistent document. It was written by men, and all men have their biases. Also, no one said anything about the Hebrews never being in Egypt. It is highly probably that some Hebrews did go to Egypt to visit/live there at one time or another, whether before or after the Exodus. Since you want Biblical proof, the Bible says that Jesus and his family fled to Egypt and lived there for a few years to escape Herod’s death decree to newborn boys. Therefore, it is likely that the Hebrews knew about how Egyptians lived and their “lifestyle.” And of course there were slaves in Egypt, some of whom might have been Hebrews. None of this, however, means that the mass enslavement and Exodus actually happened. Besides the Bible, there really is no definitive evidence that these events occurred. People can speculate, but that is all. Theologians are all over the place with theories about when it happened (assuming it did) too, all of which are extremely contradictory.

    • What were saying is not that we read the Bible wrong its that the Bible itself is wrong. And on a sidenote using all caps does not add to your statement or make you seem any smarter it just makes you seem like a raving fool.

    • Sources, please to these studies showing things happened how the bible says they did.

      And quit with the caps. It doesn’t make you any more right or convincing.

    • A MAN OF HISTORY Says:

      The Egyptians were a major power back then. It’s very possible their knowledge spread, especially since they had a very early writing system.

  6. It’s not wise to deny the truth of God’s Word. You expect people to believe what you say as true when you have nothing to back you up while I believe what the Bible says which has been substantiated by prophecy, archeaology and history alike. So I will go with God’s Word and not the angry rantings of a person who does not want to believe there is a God so they don’t have to face the fact that they are a sinner. Jesus will save you if you repent.

    • rjhuntington Says:

      Archaeology does not substantiate the bible and that is the point of the article. You can’t prove the bible by saying it’s true because it’s in the bible. Where else is it supported? If nowhere, then the information is suspect at best and probably false.

      You mistake disbelief in the bible with a refusal to believe there is a god, but that does not follow. For example, I don’t believe in the bible, but I believe in god. Specifically I believe that everyone and everything is god; there is simply nothing else to be. That is my personal religion, and it serves me well.

      In any event, I am certain any god that would throw a hissy fit just because some humans didn’t kowtow and scrape before it would be a petty tyrant of a god, not worthy of one’s admiration or devotion.


      • When I say that I am agreeing with PJ’s comment. Keep preaching the real truth and gospel. If you repent Jesus will save you. He says, “The only way to the Father is through me.”

  7. Manic Desert Fox Says:

    Well written. A good summary of the facts behind the claimed Jewish slavery. I wonder if that’s yet another myth borrowed from another culture, or if it was made up for some political event.
    I have heard, though, that perhaps a small number were enslaved by the Egyptians, and that grew into the myth.

    I get a kick out of the believers responding here. They don’t even attempt to address your points, and just insist their stories are true.

    • Okay Manic Desert Fox, us believers are backing our replies with FACTS while your favorite writer on here apparently has NO sources to back him up. While we do. I don’t care what you think of me for commenting I’m going to defend my faith anyway I can. Good luck when the Judgement Day comes and God opens up the Book of Life. If your name is in there then that’s good if not, I tried to tell ya.

  8. A blind man can see. It’s a rare case. but it is possible.
    This is how

  9. Lucille Rothstein Says:

    I’m going to burn in hell. And so is everyone else on here and everyone you see and everyone you know or will ever know, or knew in the past. Hell is no longer in existence. We will all die away in to nothingness. The God force made it’s choice a long time ago. The ones he wanted are his already. We have come into the end of what is. No hope for anything. You might as well enjoy what you have now and live it up. No bright lights at the end of tunnels, no floating dead relatives in the clouds, no Jesus with open arms, nothing. No god no devil with a pitchfork. It is ended. Enjoy what you have now, live everyday like it is the last. Enjoy the fruit of your labor, eat drink and be merry. Death knocks on your door and you have already invited it into your home. Wisdom calls out to listen. Vanity of vanity’s. Chasing of the winds. No body knows where it goes or where it will end. Live today. Now is all you have. Let it be.

    • Hans Bussman Says:

      Are you HIGH????

      or just drowning your sorrows at 03:45 in the morning? If what you say is true, then there would be no energy balance. You know, IN = OUT, FRONT = BACK, UP = DOWN, and so on. By now, (over 2000 years after Christ) it should be more than apparent that energy that is physically perceived is not all the energy that exists. EX. PERCEIVED: fire, or heat, impacts, etc. Others that are only perceived AFTER it bites you: electricity-unless its lighting, U-Vs, etc. Unperceived: atomic, fast or thermalized neutrons, gammas, alphas (or at least you would be vaporized before you even knew what hit you!) The only energy that is apparent from a conscious, soul dwelling intelligence (people, dogs, cats, door knobs, or whatever you want) is fueled by the energy released from chemical bonds in blood sugar retained from the food you eat. Now to derive a proper energy balance all of the afore mentioned can be accounted for – EXCEPT, a few other seemingly small, and easily overlooked elements: COMPASSION, LOVE, HATE, FEAR, ANGER, etc. The very same elements that drive us through our lives, into and out of WAR, build lives and nations. After death? Trust me there is something there. As for the Jewish being enslaved by the Egyptians, its not the Jewish records (or lack there of) that concerns me but the mysterious absence of records from ANYBODY ELSE, that was around at the time. Like, maybe the EGYPTIANS??? OK, so it’s 02:00 A.M. for me right now. My problem is – I JUST CAN’T SLEEP!

      • BrotherPeace Says:

        Emotion isn’t energy. It’s neurochemistry, and it is accounted for.

      • A MAN OF HISTORY Says:

        You know Jack-Heronimous-shit about science and the words you use make no sense. Please, for the love of all the gods just go to Wikipedia and read the entry for “energy”.

    • Okay there is a Hell there is a Heaven there is a God there is a Devil. As sure as I am sitting here reading all of this and getting madder by the second there is Hell, Heaven, God, and Satan.

      • If anyone here is going to Hell, it’s you! I have never encountered such an angry, ignorant, stubborn, stupid, and downright unpleasant woman before. Here’s the truth so you better listen. The real GOD, put the bible here to test people. Anyone who believes that BOOK OF LIES called the bible will go to Hell. You are supposed to read it and be smart enough to know it’s EVIL! You will go to Hell because of your stupidity and unwillingness to accept the truth!

      • Have you visited any of these places – heaven, he’ll, etc.? That question will just make you mad because your answer is “No”. Isn’t it odd that we believe in these stories because it is the only way we can resolve how we have been treated by others or by nature?

      • A MAN OF HISTORY Says:

        If there’s a hell I’d rather be down there with Hitchen’s than in heaven with your intolerant face.

  10. I served in my Church for over 11yrs…COGIC and no one could ever shake my belief the way it has been in the past few weeks…I found this from simply typing in “Is is true that there is no evidence that Abraham ever existed?) this is what was given on

    Is it true that there is no evidence that Abraham ever existed?
    In: Tanakh and Talmud, Old Testament [Edit categories]

    Yes. It is true that there is no evidence that Abraham ever existed.
    Genesis gives two parallel stories of Abraham where he got tangled up in his deviousness. First he told the Pharaoh that his wife Sarah was his sister, for fear that the Pharaoh would kill him in order to have sex with her, only to be found out and banished from Egypt. Later, for the same reason, he told the king of Gerar that his by now quite elderly wife (Sarah was now over 90 years old and stricken with age) really was his sister. If Abraham had such close relations with the two great kings, it can be expected that they would have written of him, if only to record his banishment. Yet, archaeologists have been unable to find any reference in Egyptian or other records to any such man.
    Not only is there no evidence, the archaeological record is strongly against the biblical account of Abraham. For example, the Philistines only settled in Palestine around 1200 BCE. At the time when Abraham was supposed to have lived, they were still inhabitants of small islands in the Mediterranean, not residents of southern Palestine as described in the Bible.
    A vague legend or folk memory was fleshed out in the seventh century BCE, or perhaps later, into a detailed history of the Hebrew people, but the biblical Abraham, ancestor of the Hebrew and Arabian peoples, never existed. And because he did not exist, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah did not occur, Lot’s wife was not turned into a pillar of salt, and the promise of all the land of Canaan was not made.

    • Don’t let anyone ore anything shake your belief in God. Ask may have said that and I don’t care, I’m a christian I serve in my church and well I believe in God and always will.

  11. if what you said was really about the truth and not pissing folks off, why the condescending tone? i dont have an opinion one way or another, but i have to disagree with the wandering and leaving no trace part. i think wanderers would be less likely to leave a trace than a permanent settlement. theres alot of 40 year time periods in rome that we dont have any artifacts from. you make a claim about language, which may not be true in all cases and then from that you deduce that lots of other events didnt take place because their language doesnt have any borrowed words. sorry but your science is as poor as the jewish folks your degrading for their beliefs. however, as far as the betsy ross and the thanksgiving, i did know about that. not sure how i ended up on this page, but it was a waste of time in the research i was doing.

    • Jack Faire Says:

      Actually most nomadic tribes leave evidence and artifacts of their passing. 40 years worth of a people wandering through the desert would have left oral histories. Any desert capable of supporting life would be full of other people as well who would record the passing of such a large tribe.

      That’s kind of the point he is making. The jewish people do not live in a bubble never did but if your “history” doesn’t affect anyone else when it is such a large event then it didn’t really happen.

      Anytime there is a mass emigration of any people there will be historical records of it in all of the other cultures and peoples affected by it.

      For example the abolishment of slavery in the south had a huge affect on how farming worked. If all the slaves in Egypt up and walked away there would be a record of it since the Egyptians would have to change their very way of life.

  12. You say that there is no evidence that the Hebrew were in Egypt? Well there has been a lot of recordings of bones found in the walls and around the pyramids. There was no written language but why do the “pictures” on the wall suggest they were Hebrew slaves? Science has actually prooved the parting of the red sea because of the shifting of the plates. For thousands of years wars upon wars, natural disasters, and countless other things have happend in the desert. Winds blow sands around and cover things up. The Hebrew were also on the run from other peoples… don’t you think they would have covered their tracks. They were in a desert you really think they had things to spare and to throw away like we do today? You say that we only go by faith of the bible but is that not what you’re saying too. You gave no evidence. And again you cannot go on total facts of a peoples because they did not have a written language nor did they care to talk about their loss of honor. The African slaves brought over to America kept their culture and their own language did they not? The Hebrew lived in their own “villages” and so lived amongst themselves. They built everything with materials from Egypt and built things based on the culture around them. I have read and seen many SCIENTIFIC specials for this subject and there is a lot of evidence. So I do not think that any of you read anything when you say that there has been no evidence. It makes me kind of sad for all of you. The bible does not go against itself like so many people say… they just have never really read it.

    • What specials did you watch?

    • “The African slaves brought over to America kept their culture and their own language did they not?”

      If the African Slaves really kept their culture, then African Americans would have some recollection of their ancient cultures. Hell, I dare you to ask any African American person if they know what part of Africa their ancestors were from.

      Read some REAL history so that you could see the evil methods that slave owners used to tame slaves.

      • A MAN OF HISTORY Says:

        Or the methods other Africans used to sell slaves to the white devils. Or that they kidnapped anyone and sold then as slaves. There were a lot of white European slaves too, surprisingly enough, taken through piracy and such.

    • I don’t care what any nonbelievers say about the Bible I believe in God and I have everything I do to lead me to my faith. The Devil will attack he’s waiting like a lion waiting to pounce. Jesus is real. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is real. In the Revelation it tells of everything that is to come and I believe it all. Jesus predicted his own death and that happened. If you need anymore proof that the Bible is real, well lets just wait till the Judgement Day when everybody will be called back from the dead and let’s see what you think then because everything you’re dissing in this article will be proven. I love Jesus Christ and his Father. I am leaving the judgements to the Father in heaven I’m just trying to warn you of what I know will happen. Have you ever heard the saying, “The truth will stand when the worlds on fire.”

  13. A Researcher of Facts Says:

    It is true that there is no evidence for Moses, the ten plagues that fell upon Egypt or the exodus ‘at that time’. But there are a number of scholars who claim that a gross error in chronology has been made in calculating the dates of Egyptian history and that they should be reduced by centuries. Such a re-dating could bring the 12th dynasty down to the time of Moses, and there is plenty of circumstantial evidence in that dynasty to support the Biblical records.
    One of the last kings of the 12th dynasty was Sesostris III. His statues depict him as a cruel tyrant quite capable of inflicting harsh slavery on his subjects. His son was Amenemhet III, who seems to have been an equally disagreeable character. He probably ruled for 46 years, and Moses would have been born near the beginning of his reign.
    Amenemhet III may have had one son, known as Amenemhet IV, who was an enigmatic character who may have followed his father or may have been a co-regent with him. If the latter, Amenemhet IV could well have been Moses. Amenemhet IV mysteriously disappeared off the scene before the death of Amenemhet III.
    Amenemhet III had a daughter whose name was Sobekneferu. It is known that she had no children. If she was the daughter of Pharaoh who came down to the river to bathe, it is easy to understand why she was there. It was not because she had no bathroom in her palace. She would have been down there taking a ceremonial ablution and praying to the river god Hapi, who was also the god of fertility. Having no children she would have needed such a god, and when she found the beautiful baby Moses there she would have considered it an answer to her prayers (Exodus 2:5—6).
    But when Moses came of age he identified himself with the people of Israel and was obliged to flee from Egypt. This left a vacuum on the throne, and when Amenemhet III died there was no male successor. Sobekneferu ascended the throne and ruled for 8 years as a Pharaoh, but when she died the dynasty died and was succeeded by the 13th dynasty.

    • Where did you read about this?
      “One of the last kings of the 12th dynasty was Sesostris III. His statues depict him as a cruel tyrant quite capable of inflicting harsh slavery on his subjects. His son was Amenemhet III, who seems to have been an equally disagreeable character. He probably ruled for 46 years, and Moses would have been born near the beginning of his reign.”

      • Researcher of Facts Says:

        I got it from here:

        This website answered the questions i was asking with sound archeological proof. Although I believed in the Bible before i read this, the facts it presented helped me a great deal with the questions other people were asking me. The same questions posted on this website: Was there a great flood?, Were Jews enslaved by the Egyptions, and so on.

      • Oh my god, are you SERIOUS? This website is doing nothing but quoting the bible as references. That is not a way to prove the bible! Does that logic actually make sense to you?

        This is the same bullshit kind of site full of ignorant assholes who think the world is 6000 years old and the grand canyon (or any canyon) could have been carved by the “great flood.” I’m sorry but canyons dont work that way; canyons take MILLIONS of years for that kind of erosion to occurs, not from some bullshit flood that lasted less than a decade.

        Fuck off and get some facts before you start trying to communicate with rational human beings.

  14. Thanks a million for this. Today is Passover – now I know it is NOT a legit holiday! Of course, religion is a tool used to manipulate people so I’m not surprised.

    • jacob p.s im only 15 Says:

      religion is a tool? really ……actually religion is a base of every normal familys life, it provides them with the faith that one day in heaven they will be together again and worshiping the one that they believe in… so while your thinking about what you were talking about while your either in perguatory or during armogeddon(depends on if u die b4 the other one happens) i hope youll get things straight…..religion dose exsist.

      • I don’t think she is doubting the existence of religion, but only its real purpose. If it helps to control people right at the familial unit, then all the more reason to believe her assertion. Sure, keep them scared of hell and purgatory, and retain your grip on their minds. What is that if not manipulation?

    • None of these links are proof. Proof does not come from some shady blog, the news, or anywhere but in the scientific journal that one of these archaeologists, if they are indeed credible, writes up after he/she does his/her research. Otherwise this is the same as a bunch of rednecks out in Georgia finding the body of big foot and someone on their blog posting “oh my god, these guys found big foot; i think one was a doctor!!” Just because it’s from the exotic land of Egypt doesn’t mean there can’t be dumbass conspiracy assholes there as well. Everyone will lie to you, no matter where they are from.

      Also, why would the Egyptians be minting coins with Joseph’s head on them when they were enslaving them? It doesn’t make any sense, so at best it could prove that the egyptians and jews were in contact with one another, and maybe even traded with one another, which is obvious at some point in history, but it doesn’t prove anything about moses, about 40 years in the desert, about slavery, or anything about the bible.

      Not credible. Not proof. Please try again.

  15. We all have the right to our opinion. Of course I’m sure some of you think humans evolved form something that slithered onto land out of the slime in a swamp millions of years ago. Talk about your unexplained holes in the story. The evolution theory is full of ’em. Personally, I’ll take the word of God over anyone else’s. It is obvious some of you have no belief in anything you can not touch, see, or smell. Faith is all about belief in something which is not seen. If this is all there is, what is the purpose of it all in the first place. One look at the intricacies of the human body, the world, and the heavens makes it clear we are a product of intelligent design, and no it wasn’t by some race of aliens. Peace.

    • rjhuntington Says:

      Doug said, “One look at the intricacies of the human body, the world, and the heavens makes it clear we are a product of intelligent design…”

      Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean the bible is the word of god. I believe in god, but I don’t believe in the bible. As for having faith in the fanciful pronouncements of men with agendas of their own, I see no use for it. And no evidence for the bible being the word of god. Indeed, I see much evidence to tell me the bible is not the word of god but rather the words of men of particular intent.

      No real god would ever behave in the vengeful ridiculous way the god of the Old Testament is depicted, throwing hissy fits all over the place and killing people who “displeased” him. Puleeeze. Bad form. Not godly at all.

  16. rjhuntington Says:

    Why do so many people conclude that a belief in god requires acceptance of the bible as the word of god? Why, because the bible says so? What, the bible is true because the bible says so? C’mon. That’s no proof of anything.

    A little archaeological evidence would be nice, but there isn’t any. Gee.

  17. Researcher of Facts Says:

    Ok there are so many things wrong with what you just said that’s hard to know where to begin,
    Yes I am serious, it is a website that is used to prove the bible right, whether someone is trying to prove it wrong or right they will have stuff from the bible in it unless it’s a fake with no background info on his subject. If you had read past the verse you would have found sound archeological finds (some found by non-Christian people) that would have proved there point.
    No one can tell the age of the earth correctly with scientific proof. In order to scientifically prove something you have to be able to test it. Bible believing Christians say that it is 6,000 years old because of the evidence we found in the bible but we can’t test that neither can you so it isn’t scientific it is a belief. Evolutionists use something called radiometric dating to prove the earth is millions of years old. It is the process of estimating the age of rocks from the decay of their radioactive elements. But the way they do that is flawed. First the initial conditions of the rock sample must be accurately known (they aren’t). Then they assume the amount of parent or daughter elements (polonium and lead for example) in a sample has not been altered by processes other than radioactive decay. They also assume the decay rate (or half-life) of the parent isotope has remained constant since the rock was formed. It is a bunch of guesses that they call fact but can’t prove therefore it is not scientific it is a belief.

    3. Canyons do not take millions of years to form. One catastrophic event can form them in days just look at what happened at Mt. St. Helens. That is scientific proof people saw it happen and tested it on smaller models. You did not see the grand canyon form over millions of years and you did not test it (that would take millions of years) therefore it is your belief.

    So before talking with “rational human beings” test your facts so that you aren’t just pushing your belief on others.

    • I’m not going to argue science with you because you are obviously very uninformed. I’ve heard every line of crap your kind has thrown around and it is always the same twisted science because you never get the full story on anything. For example, there is not just one kind of radiometric dating, but at least 11, and they are highly accurate, if you use the right kind. Which in this case every kind possible has been used to prove the age of fossils and such. You can sit there and say “but oh, this and that and whatever” but you are wrong, and will always be wrong because you are trying to prove fairy tales.

      You are never going to have the answer because there is nothing you can say that is going to convince anyone. If you, yourself, happen to have undeniable proof that was gathered through using the actual scientific method and not based on theology that this flood happened and it caused the Grand Canyon and whatever bullshit, by all means, publish your findings! You might win a Nobel Prize and change the world! But you wont because you are wrong and your kind will always be proven wrong by people who have dedicated their lives to studying this kind of thing. So go back to your little books and rituals and what ever and let the adults take care of the big things in this world. Just silently read along in your bible and obey your god and everything will work out for you, I promise. But stop interfering with progress by trying to poison other people’s already weak minds with your own spoon-fed bullshit.

      Oh, and if you are going to comment on my blog, you had better learn to use quotations properly. I’m dead serious about that shit.

    • BrotherPeace Says:

      Here is evidence of the age of the Earth, as well as a few short refutations of Creationist claims to the contrary:

      I don’t know you how you feel about Hovind, but here are refutations of his common points:

      Here’s an extremely detailed explanation of Big Bang cosmology, and how we know it is accurate:

      Facts don’t care about your opinion. They simply are.

  18. Dispensationalie Says:

    Nothing causes people to argue more than…. God.

    I am Jewish by birth. I do not follow the Jewish faith as a whole. I have read the Bible, and I see much within it that cane be taken and twisted and used depending on what one’s reasons are. NOTHING is intrinsically good or evil, not EVEN the Bible. Man, many men have used that book for great evils.

    One point, his name was not Jesus.(Google it) Was there such a man..? Suuuuure, was he the Son of God… suuuure, in the same aspect that we ‘all’ are. There has been a form of JESUS in just about every culture on the Earth.

    So, lets look at God a moment. God, made the Earth. Then he mad man in ‘his’ image.

    “Let us make man in our own image according to our likeness. Let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over ALL the earth, and over everything that creeps or moves” (Genesis 1:26 ).

    Let me point something out here. Let US. ….. Us… not ME. So, THEY make man in their own image. Okay.

    Most of the stories that are in the Bible, like Noah and the flood were told by other people in other places long, long before Noah’s time. The Sumerian’s had a story too. Native people have stories of other times when the same happened. Some of which juuuust happen to coincide with melting icecaps or Earthquakes that caused tsunamis.

    Man in his early years lacked the understanding of nature and it’s ways. Such things were mystical and of divine creation. Just like the Earth used to be flat too. Man has removed himself from the Web of Life. He is, the only living thing on this planet that no longer has a place. If man were to vanish today… all things left behind would fair far better and the Earth would recover and heal as if Humans never were.

    One could then Say this is just another thing to prove that God DID make man only to hold dominion over all living things. Okay, fine. But I have always questioned if God went through all this effort to make man in Their Image, then why, oh why would he put the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden to tempt him..? That makes no bloody sense. Now, if someone was writing a story on the other hand, it’s a fine, fine set-up to tell the moral of the book.

    Then too, one could also argue that man does not belong in the Web of life because, Aliens did in fact come and mix their DNA with the ‘humans’ that were here.

    All I know is, when I look deep down inside myself it just does not make sense to me that there is a supreme being in wait of Judgment. Man has not unlocked his minds full potential. Will we ourselves become God’s in our own right..? If one believes in a God, then…why would something of a alien beginning sound so…. alien. It’s just one word. God, Alien.

    Back to the beginning.

    “Let us make man in our own image according to our likeness” Are we so sure of ourselves, that we are IT. How dare we think that. Replace the word God with Alien. Simply meaning NOT OF THIS WORLD. God was not of this world, so then, GOD is an Alien. They were Aliens. So hard for people to get their heads past the image burned within their minds when that word is used. Nevertheless. If in their image we were made, then THEY looked like Us. Alien. God.

    So, what is so far fetched to believe that someone, in the great span of things there is or was another “race’ and this ‘race’ was so advanced that not only could they travel the stars, but create life. Are WE not doing that now..? Is medical science now doing things that, back in Biblical times would have been considered “GODDLY” If someone was to witness a simple a thing as mouth-to-mouth…….. what… do you think they would believe it was.? Something magical, someone having divine powers?

    Point blank. I hold to the truth (my truth) that the Bible; while it does hold facts and many a moral lesson, it is a story, an account of a people’s desire, a struggle of how humanity formed and for those that were Borne with a Moral compass sought to lead those that were lacking. It is also the biggest tool ever used to enslave a people. It has done the most good, and the most harm and is still used to control, used for POWER.

    But, I am no one. I just FEEL.

  19. On your page you said that there is no history on anything that happened in the Bible “other then what is recorded in history.” So I know you don’t want “Bible” stories on your page but there was history found on the story about Exodus. What about the chariot wheels, bones etc. found in the Red Sea?
    “And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.” (Exodus 14:21)
    Exodus 15:23 Then the Egyptians-all of Pharaoh’s horses, chariots, and charioteers-followed them across the bottom of the sea. 26: When all the Israelites were on the other side, the Lord said to Moses, “Raise your hand over the sea again. Then the waters will rush back over the Egyptian chariots and charioteers.” 27: So the sun began to rise, Moses raised his hand over the sea. The water roared back into its usual place, and the Lord swept the terrified Egyptians into the surging currents. 28: The waters covered all the chariots and charioteers
    See this website and search yourself for the artifacts found in the Red Sea.

  20. the entire story of moses is false. The being that instructed moses in the burning bush was Yahweh the clever Devil. This is why Shakespeare wrote”Certainly, the Jew is the very Devil incarnation”. Mark twain also came to the same conclusion. Who is wiser that Shakespeare or Twain? Look at the madness of the old testement.

  21. Right now there are many in he world who are syaing the Holocaust never took place either. In about 200 years, if the earth exists in it’s present form, no one will believe the Holocaust either.

  22. They found some chariots in the red(reed) sea. Also the Jew(Hebrews) Were technically slaves and not they were Egypt’s army but since Egypt wasn’t under attack they set the Hebrews to work and than the Pharaoh got scared and that started the slave thing.

  23. Every honest scientific/unbaised study done on the bible have shown it to be nothing more than myth,lies and fairytales.most of the story have been shown to have not been things that happen in reality,but fictional stories used too teach a moral lesson and moreso the people in the bible have be shown to beeither ficional or taken from more ancient older cultures that had similar stories that predates the bible stories by thousands of years.You may ask how do we know this?well the ancient africans[egyptians,nubians,and the other nile valley/happy valley civilizations left the writings on temples,works of arts and the pyramids,the ancient history of egypt that was later put in the bibland give it its foundation and most of its content.We do know now that most of the story in the bible are just a retelling of acient egyptian and the nile valley mythological stories and its history in all of its manafistations.

  24. jacob p.s im only 15 Says:

    Dude im only 15 and i know that your wrong. man i pray that god has mercy on your damd soul when your not doing too good cookin while your tending to the devils “needs”….. ill be praying for ya man…god loves you

    • Other than that picture of the Jesus, I had never seen a white person until I was 9yrs old, and I had read and heard so many good things, about this white man, and what was the first thing that came out of his mouth when I went to greet him ‘DON’T BE LOOKING AT ME NIGGER. so your invitation to hell has already come to me from another one of your
      kind. when whites want the world to see them as God, how can I get mercy. from 1951 when I first laid eyes on the devil until now, I have not seen any other group of people cause the pain and suffering in the name of Jesus as white people, white people claim that islam is of the devil, Muslams didn’t rob every nation on the planet in the name of Jesus, while coming in peace

      • Thank you for your input Jesse, and I do hope that your negative interactions with white people have not completely I’ve always found it is never good to narrow down things to one particular race, but instead take negativity in stride and just hate individuals, otherwise you just wind up hating everyone. I’ve certainly been wronged/robbed/ridiculed by many different people of many different races, but instead of developing a stereotype I just assume that the person who has wronged me is a complete asshole. I mean, not all Christians are white, and not all white people are Christians. I think it is just humanity that sucks.

      • Allegory Says:

        Jesus was the person called Buddha in the Orient. Search any historical source from the Byzantine Empire or any other old christian church mozaic, and you will see the indian or palestinian dark-skinned Buddha that is the only and only Christ.

        The “white people” you met were nothing more than jews. Jews are originally from Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece, and not the Orient. I feel the same way as you do, about them. You cannot expect a worthless jew, no matter how albino they may seem, to have decency. They’re nothing more than weaklings and cowards by power of blood. Few exceptions find them.

        And Buddha was only a romantic tale of an ascetic using some “mystical” orient force of “nature” but not really nature, to defeat countless evil tyrants that threatened the Mongol and Indian natives of “medieval” Asia. That is the true and only origin of Johnny Cash, The dark skinned Buddha of tibetan or indian buddhism. A monk, or a shaolin priest …. whichever you prefer.

        Jews were merchants and tax-collectors in Greece and Roman Empire provinces. They stole the buddhist legends of Buddha, adapted it to claim they have divine blood or something, and overthrew the Roman Empire with their false buddhist teachings, and gold filled coffers. They payed barbarian tribes from Europe and Asia where they used to trade, to invade the Old Roman Empire, and conquer it for their jewish goals.

        As far as jews appearing as “white people” they are biologically a mix between africans and mongolians. So if you mix dark skin with gold skin you get every jew on the face of the earth today, which is about 40% I think … that doesn’t make them white, just hybrids between modern africans and asians.

        Historically muslims are very naive, innocent, generous and easy to deceive people. Like small children who believe no one is evil on this earth. That is why so many have died “in the name of Allah”. Also you forget the most important fact OF ALL …… Christians of the 19th century WORSHIPPED “ALA”, known to you as Allah, in the name of Jesus and Christianity. There is no God, there never was …. even christians historically named “Ala” their allmighty great leader. Look it up, it’s in historical chronicles in Spain, I believe, around the time of Napoleon. Realistically speaking, culture is the only lie which makes christianity and islam seem different, when in fact they’re all one and the same cult worshipping Baal, whoever that is ….

        So yeah any jew or even a white can steal the Buddhist religion of the Orient, reform it into christrinity or whatever you wish to name it, and commit any possible evil ….. because evil is not only inherited by blood, it is a conscious choice, beyond all morality or false spirituality. You only need yourself to turn evil, it’s your choice alone, not “the Devil’s” or some other scapegoat …

  25. UrsuPolar Says:

    @ jacob p.s im only 15
    you are so funny. please pray for your soul first ‘couse your post isn’t that religious. where is the love and the understanding of your bible?(not god – see first testament…brrr)
    let’s make it clear: if you can’t prove something, you have to believe it by faith. but for ffs, we like in 2010, not 753, we kinda know what a lightning is, and that we are not in the center of the universe.
    this debate will last until the end of time. just cant wait to see your face when you see the nothingness that will come. why do you have to think, in you INCREDIBLE vanity, that you, as a human, are more special than the dust from the planet UXX-1002 from the Uluhu solar system (google it)? the thing is that, we are not important for the universe 😉

  26. I’m enjoying this, its funny as hell especially the person who was yelling, you should google religion and mental illness, also check out calpurnius piso, and find out how the roman piso family wrote the new testament, also talking about the bible being gods word, why would god have a need
    to write everything down, also why is god a man? a white man at that, there is a story in the old testament where sampson killed a lion then reached into the lions boby and got honey out. ever heard of the 42 negative confessions. talking about the holy ghost google speaking in tongues and witchcraft. my last point why was the woman taken out of the thrinity. I’ve got some more points later. they took us to church as children to scare the hell out of us then when we are old we believe all
    that crap even the the bible which they adore says ‘know the truth’ and be free not believe some lie that these lazy preachers claim that god said

  27. are you say the bible is an unreliable source and say that 5 percent of historical events match up with the bible?! lol,you dont have any sources about your blantent theoretics and Where historical events and Bible events collide, the Bible is 100 percent accurate. Archaeological finds have turned up many historical documents of other origins that agree totally with the Bible. In fact, none have ever controverted it.

  28. Given the fact the many biblical stories have been confirmed by archeology, I don’t think the supposed enslavement of the Jews should be lacking in archeological confirmation if the bible truely reports such an event.

  29. err… what about all the bible prophecies that have come true.. what about demons being cast out of people by speaking the word of jesus and only jesus. I’m still not very religious because I’m a skeptic about lots but you people who deny outright are ignoring very important facts….

    egypt may have enslaved the jews (still nto sure) but they sure as hell didn’t build the pyramids.. that kinda talk is straight up retarded

    as for this..

    “The African slaves brought over to America kept their culture and their own language did they not?”

    NO.. they didn’t u idiot.. lulz, Africans got the worst slavery deal probably out of any race in the history of man.. lynchings, not being able to speak their native language or even use the same water fountain or toilet.. they were treated worse than sewer rats…

    look what the british did to the africans brought to jamaca to produce sugar.. research what a bati mon is.. sick shit, makes me ashamed to be white at times cuz my pplz are brain sick throughout history….

  30. Bin bin jack Says:

    Of course the Jews were slaves to the egyptions, how else do you think they were able to build those pyramids, that’s right off of Jews slave labor. Yep believe it, or not.

  31. Religious people are retarded. Their trump card is “Well my sky-daddy’s going to torture you for eternity someday!”

  32. Moses was badly mistaken the thing in the burning bush was Satan the devil not God, explaining why Jews have remained enternally eveil as Shakespeare wrote ” fiend, a kind of Devil”

  33. Use your heart and your senses…
    You will find the truth.
    Don’t use a book… use you head, heart, and senses….

    Did the egyptians have slaves… most likely for sure!
    Were they hebrew most likely but NOT JUST hebrew…

    If you we hebrew or part hebrew and heard that your people were being enslaved would you not wish or want to save them?
    Maybe, but would you do anything about it?

    So maybe the story in the bible has something to do with this situation.

    I don’t think hebrews were the only ones enslaved…
    Slaves were slaves.
    Slavery has no color back in those days.
    If you could work you could be a slave. lol….


    I believe the bible has caused or partly caused some of the worst times in history…
    Yes somethings in the bible are good but most cause uproar and fighting…

    What I dislike is all the wars killing in gods name.
    For that is NOT following the bible…
    The bible and it’s followers contradict themselfs too much…

    Not that I don’t believe in god/gods I just don’t believe in the bible….

  34. According the Holy Book of Mel Brooks Moses was really given 15 Commandments

  35. Alright so how else can history be proven other than by record? I was not alive for WWII but I have read books on it as well as been told about it by my grandparents… Of course spoken word and written record is questioned by certain people… conspiracy theorists. Im not on either side of this conversation im just completely aware of everyone posting on here being wrong at some point. Of course denying religions is very logical, denying god on the other hand is questionable. In order to deny god you better have the scientific background to support it. Its funny i came across this “Article” because im doing research for my last research paper in medical school. (Washington University in STL) I currently hold a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Masters in Clincal Research, Doctorate in Genetics, and finishing my Medical Doctorate, so of course im no physicist… But my education has introduced me to a lot of people and with a little research you will realize that even the biggest physicists and scientists as well as all sorts of medical professionals(doctors and pharmacists… not nurses or technicians-I havent actually talked to any about this) believe in a god, and many even believe in religion. Honestly i dont understand where christians are coming from with any of their ideals but to each their own. Its just funny that people are posting here as if they have some sort of authority or expertise or ANY education at all.. which is doubtful. The only thing i could imagine anyone have going for themselves on this site is opinion, which is great for yourself but annoying to others because opinions are usually the most rediculous statements with no substantial premises what-so-ever. Of course these arguements are lined with fallacies and should most likely burn in literary hell for eternity. Please everyone here… 1) look up fallacies 2) read a few books by substantial professionals (i feel as if this group of people may mistaken what i said for read books… NO, because then i will get replies from people who just read Glenn Becks books thinking that they were just educated when in reality they just lost some brain cells 3) Be open minded. Unfortunately I have ten more pages of this paper to write so please wish me luck! and hopefully ive been helpful, not hurtful or condescending.. Psh doctors and their god complexes… haha joke..

    -Krichevsky Pharm. D., M.S., M.D., Ph.D.

    • My point about knowing many scientists is that even people who have focused their entire lives on the chemical/biological/physical sciences find themselves to still be religous. Of course everyone should be aware of the fact that usually it is either science OR religion… well what many people dont know (religous goones and atheist wise asses)(excuse the joking but the descriptive words goones and wise asses are most appropriate for MOST of each group i was describing… both groups must admit…) is that scientists are sometimes more driven towards religion and god by their studies, research and scholarly expeditions. That in itself is a thought which should be considered and each of you should compare yourself to these people… just research them… Einstein, Hawking are the big ones… but the little ones that i work with daily count too, and they are a perfect sample of the overall scientific populas, and if you respect scholarly work within the scientific fields what-so-ever, you will put your ego away and consider your lack of knowledge or perhaps your biased. This is to any groups fighting here… im obviously not on one side or the other, just steering the conversations in a more respectable path with more substantial techniques and knowledge.

      Thanks all!

  36. The Bible is Not a fairy tale book. Its a true book. According to the Bible Blacks and Latinos are the Biblical Israelites. When you read Deuteronomy 28 verse 15-68 it explains the curses that happened to blacks and Hispanics. The bible talks about how we would be slaves in america and it talks about the middle passage. The White people that call them Jews are Liars and Satan according to Revelation 2 verse 9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  37. The Jews are Black read Jeremiah 14 verse 2 Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up. Black unto the ground different shades of brown. Christ is Black Read Revelation 1 verse 14-15 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. More Color Scriptures Job 30 verse 30 Job says my Skin is Black.


    JUDAH- American Blacks
    BENJAMIN- West Indian Blacks
    LEVI- Haitians
    SIMEON- Dominicans
    ZEBULON- Black Indians Guatemala to Panama(Mayans)
    EPHRAIM- Puerto Ricans
    MANASSEH- Cubans
    GAD- Native-American Indians
    REUBEN- Seminole Indians
    ASHER- Columbia to Uruguay (Incas)
    ISSACHAR- Mexicans (Aztecs)
    NAPTHALI- Argentina/Chile

  39. Go to

    The Israelites received the commandments under Moses and broke the laws of the Most High. As a result, we went into slavery, being renamed Negroes, Hispanics and Native Indians FOR EXAMPLE. The Israelites have been scattered throughout North, Central, South America, the West Indies and the four corners of the world. The 12 Tribes of Israel are those whose fore parents share our collective suffering for the past 400 years of the most cruel and barbaric form of slavery ever devised according to Deuteronomy 28:15-68. During which time we were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world.

  40. savethesavanna Says:

    Its a complicated thing. First, I think the question of whether or not it actually did or actually did happen is irrelevant, honestly. People that TRULY understand the nature of religion (and that goes for believers and nonbelievers alike) understand that the truth is not in the text, the truth is in the message and the impact that the message creates. So, I find it really funny when people like the person who posted this feel the need to pluck out events from religious text and “find out” whether or not their true. Who cares?
    We know that human beings write these books and stories and we know that everything is a product of time and space. Things are going to be colored by an author’s experience and culture. That is a given. Our ancestors knew this as well. We should already have that automatic filter on when we read bibles, torahs, qu’rans, etc. So our question never becomes “Is this historically accurate or is it fiction”?. That is missing the point. The question should be, (with meaningless information such as who are the Egyptians and who are the Hebrews eliminated) “What is the message of this story? And does it apply in my own life?”. If it does, thats what we live by. If it doesn’t, we reject it. End of story.
    And I say this as a non-Jew, non-Christian, non-Abrahamic anything: Religion is not a matter of historical truth (WE ALL KNOW THIS!), its a matter of ABSOLUTE truth and anyone getting caught up in details of who, where, and when misses the point of it all. Its all boils down to what and why.

  41. Olivia Stangret Says:

    The author of this article needs to acknowledge that jews have celebrated passover for thousands of years because they were enslaved in egypt. The reason they have this holiday and the rituals of this holiday is so that they shall never forget that what had happened. For example, they are forced to eat matza because of the bitter taste symbolizes the bitterness of being a slave. The enslavement of jews in egypt is reflected in their culture and that alone should be significant enough.

    Imagine in two thousand years. Would humanity retain current day language? Would humanity still remember the holocoust? Would they remember enslavement of African Americans in America? Yes maybe technology will help us retain our knowledge of history, but it’s up to humanity to make history a priority and to trust what has been written. There are individuals that exist in current day that deny the holocoust and African American enslavement and there are also individuals that didn’t know this ever happened due to lack of education.

    Although there is no physical evidence of the race/ethnicity, individuals should still take into account that the bible was created thousands of years ago and written by people of that time. The chapters of the bible are not just made up fairytales, these stories were autobiographies of individuals of that time. The bible should be considered a history book, but because individuals only trust what they see, many people have rejected it as having any validity.

    It is logical that physical evidence has been lost. It is possible that the egyptian hieroglyphics have been incorrectly translated. No one person alive knows the exact translation because it is a dead language.

    The bible was written by people during that time and the intent of those people were not to create false events but to record those events for future generations. It disturbs me how reliant individuals are towards science. Science is not fact. Science is always becoming innovated and proven wrong, time and time again. It also disturbs me that people lack to question what is taught in their schools. Are we really different from North Korea? Their government picks and chooses what they learn and many of their people believe that their leader is god. The government regulates what your children learn. It is understandable that christianity should not force their beliefs on individuals, but this should be the same for athiests forcing their beliefs on christians. What it all boils down to is RESPECT. You are not going to change anyones beliefs on whether jews were slaves author. RESPECT that people believe that this is true because of their culture and religion. Realize that you are outnumbered by christians if you live in America. Refrain yourself from sparking religious debate, you know why?, because diversity of religious beliefs causes conflict. If people kept their beliefs to themselves, maybe we would get somewhere.

  42. Path Appart Says:

    It’s rather annoying to see all these cocky atheists falling over themselves to insult Christians. You’re really ruining our already tenuous reputation.

  43. Nile Khalaf Says:

    Neither the author of this article or many of the individuals who left comments have done the in depth research to make these statements true or false. The Bible is very true figuratively and historically. You must use wise discernment before believing anything you read. You must research and read and learn the truths for yourself before solidifying a belief.

    • Socialist Auditor Says:

      Actually historically owning slaves was very expensive. So expensive that Egypt would have bankrupted itself trying to use slaves on that level. In addition the pyramid building was also a partially religious duty that Egyptians did.

      The fertile portions of the Nile are at different times, when a farmer who tilled the land (the land owned by the Pharaoh, which was all of it), would then donate his time during the non-fertile time of their land by working on the pyramids, statues, etc that the Pharaoh was building.

      There were not millions of slaves moving tons of rocks, it was Egyptians doing this to repay the Pharaoh and to give thanks to the gods (and to earn a bit of money in the down time).

  44. The Proof that the Jews were NOT Slaves or Slave-Labor is THIS…. They simply “walked-off” the job when they CHOSE to. They did not have to fight any battle or overcome any bondage to leave.

    The TRUTH is that EGYPT was a Economic Machine. They “EMPLOYED” Workers from anywhere and everywhere. In the days when no common-person owned land or could farm for themselves, Egypt offered steady work for anyone who wanted it. That’s why so many monuments, cities, and tombs were built because it was the fuel that drove the Egyptian Economic engine.

  45. I’m not a religious person at all. Yet when I read something like this it makes me wonder. What is fact? Scientist state many things that truly and are only just predictions. no one can truly say what dinosaurs died from or how the earth truly began, ect…, and i mean that factually and accurately. When I read about historical figures that died and sciences says a good half of them died on their birthday (seems a little coincidental to me) I don’t know I’m not a scientist but what i have noticed no one can prove the bible right or wrong… so to say people have not been slaved without proof is the same as saying they might have been. I truly believe that know one knows what truly happened with the past… leave it be… it is what it is… the past. The phrase “people who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.” that works with fables too. Believe what you what to, don’t let people (who go out of their way to prove you wrong) change your beliefs if it makes you happy and strong.

  46. Its funny, he says in the post that as far as he is concerned, the bible is not historically accurate? Claiming that something is true, does not make it true. The bible has never been proven to be false, I will agree that not all of it has or even can be confirmed, but neither has any of it ever been proven false. That comment about only 5% being accurate, that number was pulled out of his head. Much more than 5% of it has actually been proven true. If you leave out the miracles and spiritual parts of it, it is actually a very good book of history. Willful ignorance of this truth does not change the fact that it is true.

  47. It’s called “Faith”. Because you can’t prove as fact. If you could prove it as fact, you wouldn’t need, “Faith”.
    If you can prove scientifically how a Miracle was/is done, it’s not a Miracle.

  48. Justin Stewart Says:

    Well, I just have found this place, I stumbled across it. I am not entering here to argue, I just am stating my own beliefs, and opinions. And by all means, you have the right to your own beliefs. And I respect them. My beliefs are the Christian beliefs. Saying that the there is no evidence whatsoever that the Jews even resided in Egypt, that would be a little extreme. But it’s close to the truth, there is an obvious lack of evidence, but there is nothing there that actually even says that they couldn’t have been there and weren’t there. There actually was a hieroglyphic that was uncovered that said,”I have driven the Hebrews out.”. Or something of that sort. So, saying that they were NEVER there, that would be extreme. Because according to that, they were, and it was inscribed by the Egyptians. So, somehow, they were forced, asked, whatever you want to call it to leave. So that does line up with the account in Exodus, of them actually being there, living there for a time, and leaving. It doesn’t mention slavery, but we know from that they were there. Also, many people overlook this but it mentions the “birthing stools” in the very beginning of Exodus, which was something that they (Egyptians) used in their culture at that time period for the birthing of babies. It doesn’t prove that,”Aha! The Jews were slaves in Egypt!”. But it does show that the story has some instances where it just doesn’t show up as trash. That the authors of this story, had a knowledge of the Egyptian people. Also, something to consider, which people say is impossible, but many would argue that it’s not because it has happened many times in history is that the very small number, about sixty-six people, coming into Egypt, this was the time according to Genesis when the Jews first settled in Egypt. People say that 66 people could not have multiplied into about 2 million people, give or take of course, but that is entirely possible. Not that they would have married their own brothers and sisters, but of course they would have married into the indigenous population. Also, if you look where they “settled” it was “the land of Goshen” but we call it nowadays the Nile Delta, it was very, and still is, very very fertile. So if you were to set up a colony, of a group of people, in a very fertile place where they would have plenty to eat and very good circumstances, very good political relations with the indigenous population, definitely marrying into them, and let this go on for about a good 400 years; then yes, they could easily hit 2 million if not more. Especially in that culture, just like the other surrounding ones, having children was a sense of pride, and the more children you had, the more “bragging rights” you had. Also they were looked at as your “retirement plan” and the more children you had the more secure you were in your older years. So, a family having 8 children a piece, which wasn’t uncommon, and wasn’t uncommon even in the USA 150 years ago, then eventually you could hit that number of 2 million simply. If you take 66 people and just say that each one of them had three children and their descendants only had three children each generation, for 10 generations, because we have to factor in famine, war, natural death at childbirth, murder, and etc. then you COULD, not definitely, hit 3,897,234 people. So saying that they couldn’t have reached that height of a population, of which many say that at that time in history the world population would have been about 60 million, that would not be true. Also, like I said, if you put a group of people in the same scenario that the Jews were in, according to Exodus and Genesis, then yeah. That could happen. It’s odd that, if someone just made all of this up to “give the Hebrew people a story” then they obviously did a little bit of homework. They knew a thing or two on math, and much more. They just didn’t throw it together if you believe that’s what happened. I believe it did happen, because even beyond that it gives more reason to believe it happened. These are my beliefs, and I’m not trying to convert anyone at all. I am just trying to let people know why I believe that this account is valid, and that is my belief. You are more than entitled to your own beliefs, as I stated earlier. I even have a friend that is Neo-Pagan, I treat Atheists the same as Christians, because they are both people to me. I just ask that you respect my beliefs, as I respect yours.

  49. All I have to say here is that you are both correct as well as misguided. I have no desire to debate so called proof – you won’t find chronicles of everything that happens in history perfectly recorded with full clarity, necessarily, however, since the real truth is that ancient Egyptians enslaved the Jews because they WERE the Jews may be something for truthseekers to chew on for a bit.

    Egypt represents the world and the ego while the Jew represents the heart and our soul. Moses was Pharoah – Pharoah was the ego of Moses and this story is the struggle that happens when G-d calls His people the Jews (which btw are called Egypt in one passage) out of Egypt/the World so he can bring them through the wilderness and into the promised land.

    This is why the Egyptians so readily gave all of their spoil to the Jews when the Jews left – because they already belonged to them.

    You may never find literal proof but after I had my experience of this, I understood this story where as I did not understand it before. I know that it’s absolutely true, regardless if the modern science that believes the pyramids were built by humans (ha) or the science that believes in the ridiculous 65 million year old time frame for dinosaurs (ha), wants to negate it as there are currently no facts, I care not.

    I have been made aware of how many things we are taught science-wise are competely inaccurate and even after proven wrong are still in text books all over schools and universities. So please spare me the scientific approach.

    Science is only very useful when it sticks to facts and does not fill in gaps where there are missing pieces.

    You can berate Christians for believing a text, but remember, all of the information and data and facts you claim to gather were gathered by others and you did not personally go and research everything you read and believed. You did not personally execute each experiment, dig up each artifact and see and touch things with your own eyes and hands.

    Tread thoughtfully on others while also considering your writers, whom you are reading, as they may not be complete truths or have all of the facts either.

    In the end, while facts do seem to matter, it is the truth that matters most. It is there and waits, even while the evidence leads us astray and contradicts. It is patient but will retain it’s integrity.

  50. No one special Says:

    I see you are very serious about that. Now some real contribution:

    Look for Mr. A.H. Gardiner findings in Egypt. I wont give it to you, you will have to work it alone, ok? Look for a ancient egyptian papyrus describing the ten pleagues. No bullshit, Oxford University Stuff.

    Still reading my post? Good. Search Mr. Emmanuel Anati. No bullshit: Lecce University, italy (this one is a Director) – great reference about strange caananites writing beautiful biblical hebrew in a time history tells us they should not be there and the Torah says they should.

    There is some more: Google for a Faraoh ruling for 94 years, the fall of Egypt and find clear references in the Midrash. All published, all good, no bullshit.

    Than dont do it again. Sounds rude to some people, son.

  51. I don’t care what nonbelievers say. I am a christian, yes my Lord and father in heaven said to leave the judgements up to him, but his son Jesus Christ who WAS born of a virgin named Mary said, “If you deny me in front of your peers I shall deny you in front of my father.” I will leave judgements up to my Lord and father in heaven. When the Judgement Day comes I hope to be one of the ones called to heaven to meet him in the sky. The believers and nonbelievers will be separated on his right and left. Sheep to the right, rams to the left. I hope to be on his right.

  52. LevelHeaded Says:

    To the author of this article: no one will take you very seriously because of your condescending tone. You are obviously very anti-christian and will use that to fuel your flames of hatred and grab on to anything you can to affirm yourself. You call people idiots for believing in the bible and you say Jesus is like Harry Potter, which only shows your intolerance and ignorance.

    VERY FEW credible historians would argue that Jesus did not exist. Whether or not he was the son of God is what people debate. For you to just say he didn’t exist makes you more ignorant than anyone you called out in the comments section.

    It is clear that even you aren’t certain about the arguments you make. Indisputable proof and solid evidence argue for themselves. That fact that you feel like you need to belittle people and call people ignorant only means that the evidence must not be as solid as you say.

    Notice how I was able to argue my point without clearly taking a side by insulting the other side? You have no idea if I’m even a Christian or not. THAT is how you can gain respect in your writing. I hope you were taking notes.

  53. i be passin by =D Says:

    i am not saying that anyone is wrong or right in this fight bc frankly i dont care, but i want to tell you that the stories and writings in have been translated and translated. they have been revised and translated again. not to mention that alot of stories that were kept out bc certain people didnt want them there. all i am saying is that maybe the bible is right or was right but the constant tweaking by men has ruined its reputation. or maybe it was never right and just another way of describing events. the fact of the matter is we wont know so what is the point of arguing if we would just stop and share the knowledge we have openly with each other then maybe the lessons it has taught some of us will be better appreciated. an others who are they to seek the truth will be able to understand that which they dont better. just sayin. not saying some is better than the other or what ever. PEACE!

  54. i be passin by =D Says:

    i just wanna pose a question to anyone who wants to answer.

    Say your a people with very very limited knowledge lets say before math, science, and a true grasp of time. Now say you are told that millions and billions of years existed before you and your ancestors. To you 30 years is an average life. Would your mind and understanding truly be able to wrap around that amount of time to understand it?

    Personally I dont think so

  55. BrownSkeptic Says:

    I saw the movie. It’s true people. Hebrews were the slaves of Egyptians and Moses went down on the princess. She was hot. Also his brother (not by blood) was bald and Moses looked a lot older after he spoke with god up in the mountain.

  56. I just want to say this to all the christians who are pissing and moaning. A few bible quotes I hope you’ll listen to, since you don’t listen to anything else.

    “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” : john 8:7

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” : Matthew 7:1

    “”And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.” Matthew 6:5

    “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Matthew 6:6

    “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.” : Romans 2:1

    So you do realise that by condemning us to hell, preaching to us etc etc, by the words of the very book you hold so dear you’ve also condemned yourself?

    • To merely state a “fact of the bible” should not be considered judgmental. The bible is not shy about clarifying the only passageway to heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you deny God, the eternal punishment is hell. There isn’t a debatable/judgmental nature to it. Christians are called not to judge non-believers (believers are called to judge believers, as long as they do so with the intentions of encouraging and bringing another closer to Christ), this is true. Believers should not judge non-believers in the since that they expect the same morals and values that other believers are held to. ***Please note: One can have very high morals and values without being a Christian, but merely that all Christians are held to a high moral standard and one could not expect non-Christians to abide by the core values of Christianity.

      Here, a little analogy. Picture yourself as a judge. A man is being tried for murder. The man pleads guilty to murder. Did you judge the man? Now did you “judge (same context as Wowfood^^)” him. There was nothing you (as a judge) could inflict that the man did not already fully embrace with his guilty plea. Because a Christian says a non-believer is going to hell, does not mean that is the Christians’ wishes.

      One that denies God, fully embraces the “possibility ( rather you believe in hell or not, you are aware of the possibility, regardless of how likely it may be)” of hell, as well as made the decision to ignore said possibility.

      Webster’s Dictionary:

      noun \ˈjəj-mənt\
      a: a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion
      b: an opinion so pronounced
      a: a formal decision given by a court

      Obviously (#1) is the correct context, they both require one’s opinions. It is also important to note that, not all people have the same qualifications for FACT. Some require journals, others artifacts (even though the Egyptian Government won’t allow for full excavations to some dig sites), as where others have had experiences in life that allow them to truly believe in something without a shadow of a doubt. For those that are not believers, you are not expected to fully understand the latter concept, but know that God will gain glory through all things.

      Christians are not perfect, we are completely broken creatures. Don’t mistake beliefs for perfection. Thank God for his abounding grace and mercy. He is a beautiful God.

  57. well this is all well and good that you all have a perspective but hyroglyphics are not a well expressed language nor are there any people who were tought directly from those who wrote it (unless you beleive in the magic rosetta stone created by a greek, but that would just be more non fact because it didnt come from the source, right?) we base our understanding of these pre-columbian languages on a best guess senario and not on the FACT of the creators themselves (not to mention that in just the last fifty years we have found varients and errors in the systems of translation we use) why??? because the ancient egyptian civilization just withered away… like all precolumbian monlithic building societys… so why not be a positive influence on the earth and go figure out why that is instead of taking hatred out on a religion you dont understand or beleive in? now i get why someone wouldnt like christians but why just hate on them? theres the buddists’ hynduss’ islamics’ even voodoo, all written (in some form or another) historical religions. I strongly dislike the venom that goes between athiest and christians we are a civilizided people and should ALL learn to respect one another regaurdless of religious beleifs. shame to all who speek with hatred especially christians! jesus never talked like that and neither should you!

    • Actually: The Rosetta Stone is a stone with writing on it in two languages (Egyptian and Greek), using three scripts (hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek).

      Why is it in three different scripts?
      The Rosetta Stone is written in three scripts because when it was written, there were three scripts being used in Egypt.
      The first was hieroglyphic which was the script used for important or religious documents. The second was demotic which was the common script of Egypt. The third was Greek which was the language of the rulers of Egypt at that time.

      “hyroglyphics are not a well expressed language nor are there any people who were tought directly from those who wrote it (unless you beleive in the magic rosetta stone created by a greek, but that would just be more non fact because it didnt come from the source, right?) ”

      Now since Ptolemaic Egypt began when Ptolemy I Soter invaded Egypt and declared himself Pharaoh of Egypt in 305 BC and ended with the death of queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and the Roman conquest in 30 BC.

      The Ptolemaic Kingdom was a powerful Hellenistic state, extending from southern Syria in the east, to Cyrene to the west, and south to the frontier with Nubia. Alexandria became the capital city and a center of Greek culture and trade. To gain recognition by the native Egyptian populace, they named themselves as the successors to the Pharaohs. The later Ptolemies took on Egyptian traditions, had themselves portrayed on public monuments in Egyptian style and dress, and participated in Egyptian religious life.

      I strongly dislike the blatant ignorance of people who spout nonsense as FACT.

  58. dating…

    […]MYTH: Jews were enslaved by the Egyptian Pharaoh and Moses set them free. « Everything You Know Is Wrong[…]…

  59. Ok, I’m a Christian- I am in love , yes in love, with God- and I don’t really care how much history backs the Exodus up- I know it’s true… I just want to apologize on behalf of all the other “christians” who have written on here, I’m not sure how some of you even say you have a relationship with God! who do you think you are to tell someone they can go to hell (and if you really believe the bible you’d know the weight of what you’re saying; you know “what would jesus do” pretty sure he didn’t damm the Pharisees for not following him.. just saying) .
    But there is obviously great importance in this, since people have been commenting on this since 2008 :p

    God has blessed me so much and there are things in my life that i know only God could do 🙂

    • Generally I’d sk why you have such unconditional love for God, but I think in your case I know the answer. Do you mind if I take a guess that you’re a born again Christian?

      Either way I’m just happy to see somebody who claims to be christian post on here who realises the whole “you’re wrong, go to hell etc etc” is NOT christian in any way shape or form (unless this is the spanish inquisition)

      Everyone has a right to believe what they want to, I personally believe that the bible is not fact, but perhaps fiction based on fact.

      Did Moses lead the slaves from egypt? Perhaps. Was it those hundreds of jews in the bible? IMO probably not, more likely a dozen perhaps. Was he the son of the pharos? Doubtful why would a royal adopt a slave baby as their own. He may have ben raised by a servant of the pharo but that’s probably close as it will get (and still higher status than may jews)

      The bible was written long after these events, and my personal belief is they grew through chinese whispers. y’know, Moses saved a few of the jews from egypt, Moses saved the jews from egypt somebody takes it as he saved all the jews from egypt so on so forth.

      Also I strike pretty much half of the later books added to the bible like letters to the romans. Just because it’s these chapters where all the contradictions pop up, and I cannot help believe these bits were just added by Rome to make the christian religion match their own ideals.

  60. Fact Checker Says:

    A very little research shows obvious holes in the offered proof which seems at best sloppy.
    “The language of enslaved people tends to become corrupted by the act of enslavement. The need for the slaves to understand their masters corrupts their language and produces a patois, a simplified mixture of both of them. Hebrew has never been such a language; it has remained a pristine west semitic language without any grammatical borrowing from the Hamitic egyptian language and the only loan word from Egyptian is the one for cygnet ring”

    Even a cursory look-up of the history of the Hebrew and Egyptian languages shows that. 1 Classical Hebrew, the spoken language of ancient Israel flourishing between the 10th century BC and the turn of the 4th century AD. It comprised several evolving and overlapping dialects. The phases of Classical Hebrew are often named after important literary works associated with them. 2. Classical Hebrew is a dead language by the start of the Byzantine Period in the 4th century. 3. Hebrew intellectuals in the late 19th century revived a lexical modernization of Hebrew. 4. Modern Hebrew became an official language in British-ruled Palestine in 1921. 5. In 1999, Archaeology Magazine reported that the earliest Egyptian glyphs date back to 3400 BC. Old Egyptian was spoken for some 500 years from 2600 BC onwards. Middle Egyptian was spoken from about 2000 BC for a further 700 years when Late Egyptian made its appearance. Demotic appeared in the 7th century BC followed by Coptic around 1 century AD.
    So the basis of your point falls apart on it face. Both languages constantly were evolving so to pinpoint which languages were spoken during the time in question and how that language evolved. Furthermore, to suggest that the only loan word between the two languages is preposterous Google, A S Yahuda or T O Lambdin or Hebrew loan words from Egypt.

    “The Egyptians (who documented their history very well) left no record of it and the fact that most of the construction in Egypt was done by free Egyptians is a matter of archaeological fact.”

    1. Egyptians used cursive hieroglyphs for religious literature some of this has survived. Less formal variations of the script, called hieratic and demotic were used on papyrus and wood. Consequently, very little survives. So I am not sure that proves anything.

    Interestingly, the ten plagues of Egypt follow the expected linkage after a water to blood event ( as demonstrated by OC Fisher Reservoir in San Angelo State Park in West Texas which is usually caused by Gymnodium breve, which secretes a deadly toxin and is responsible for red tides) Frogs, lice, flies, disease of animals, skin boils, locusts, and the death of the firstborn.
    The firstborn in Egyptian culture would have been given extra food in tough times in order to ensure the survival of the family name and rights. But, if the food source was tainted by frogs, lice etc. then the mostly likely to die of food poisoning would be the first born.
    On the other hand, the Jewish religion had strict cleansing guidelines and kosher laws which makes it unlikely that the Jews would have been affected the same way.

    While this does not prove or disprove anything it seems at least plausible that there may have been the 10 “plagues” ( Hail and Darkness – solar eclipse, may have been coincidental to the underlying cause, blood red water). And if the plagues are plausible then there may be further plausible elements. Could there be some hyperbole, of course. But it is plausible that the Jews were slaves of the Egyptians and cast out after Egypt suffered a calamity, later to be pursued when the Egyptians thought better of it.

  61. atheist_combatant Says:

    Sure in your mind the bible was written by “god”, but it was rewritten many times by other men. Those men did have their agendas. You may believe it, as I believe there are fairys living in my garden. You can not attempt to prove a source is credible, by quoting the same source. Parts of this “book of history” although laughable as it may seem, some parts maybe true. But by your own claim I will burn in hell, because I do not in your god. But the base of western religion is as long as I feel sorry for myself and ask for forgiveness ill be ok. If all your life is devoted to this Jesus (BTW its pronounced Hey-suess)

    • Jews distorted the christian bible written by white macedonians and thracians and gauls, after the european’s Macedonian Conquest of the Orient (including the Holy Lands and Persia).

      In reality jews were part of the Egyptian imperialism agressions, and they enslaved white people, macedonians or greeks or other europeans who were white, and had migrated there few centuries before, to parts of the new Macedonian Realms.

      Roman Catholicism and most non-european religions are false. They deny many books that Orthodox Christianity has, calling them “evil Apocryphae”, discarding the truth.

      Jews were the evil satanic followers, agressive to the White people of Thrace and Macedonia who founded Canaan and Palestine. White people of the macedonians were the “chosen tribe”, and jews sought to rebuild their semitic empires like Egypt or Persia, by killing white heirs to the Macedonian empire, such as Jesus, descendant of Filip and Alexander.

      The Christian God of the Holy Lands, was probably Apollo, or another of the people of Europe, that the macedonian conquerors deified.

  62. atheist_combatant Says:

    …maybe you should just go meet him. Christians and the like beat people over the head with their cross or other religious symbols, but when the ones being beaten on the head defend themselves, who starts crying. One don’t force your religious beliefs on other people. Two America was NOT founded as a Christian nation. Three we all are going to die so who cares, my heaven is the comfort of knowing I stood for morals. Which were not contrived from a book.

    • Aux contraire. I’m orthodox christian, and we hate jews. We don’t even believe jews existed in the Bible.

      The European Orthodox Bible teaches that “jews” were tax collectors of the roman imperator. They were never in Canaan, except after the roman invasions there, where they sold their turkish trinkets in roman temples, or preached like idiots, or collected taxes for the Romans, from the canaanites.

      Originally the old testament people were white europeans from the previous invasions of the Macedonian Conquest. The Canaanites and all the people there on those “Holy Lands” were either macedonians, or ancient greeks or thracians. Rarely gauls or scythians that had migrated south deeply.

      But jews didn’t even know the Holy Lands existed. They were from Egypt. The libyans from Egypt, a semitic tribe related to jews and arabs, invaded the south of Sicily and north of the Hadriatic Sea, creating the “Roman Tribe” and the “Italic Tribe”. Those were originally semites from Egypt / Africa, who later tried to conquer the Holy Lands from the Macedonian Empire.

      So there wasn’t a chance of jews being enslaved by their own semitic allies in Egypt. On the contrary they were loan sharks and tax collectors who stayed loyal slaves of the Roman Caesar since they began to invade Europe, up north. To ensure the macedonians and greeks don’t reconquer the Holy Lands of Canaan or Palestine.

      The only reason jews and their semitic allies, the Romans / Italics had to slay Jesus, was because Jesus belong to the white european immigrants of the former Macedonian Conquest, from three centuries beforehand.

      Only an ignorant would think the Bible had anything to do with “jews”. It only mentions the semitic tribes of arabs, romans, jews, libyans, egyptians, as enemies to the White Christians of Europe, who were victims of Egyptian Imperialism.

      Jews were part of the Egyptian invasion of Holy Lands and Europe. Then they served the Roman invasions of Mediteranean. They were never religious. They are just merchants and tax collectors. Or thieves and serial killers, in the Khazar and Cuman invaders, such as Joszeph Attila the Hun, Bela Cohen, the Jewish Arpad khan of Hungary, or Miesz Cohen, the founders of Poland.

      Hungary and Poland, both with turkish and jewish ancestry, became catholic, because jews always coveted to serve Rome.

  63. I just wanted to add something to your argument 🙂 The Bible states that the occupation of Egypt by the Hebrews began when Isaac moved his family to be with Joseph in Egypt. First of all, Joseph had been transformed from a lowly Hebrew slave to a high-ranking Egyptian official, next to the Pharaoh himself. It would have been highly unlikely that this would have happened. Ancient Egyptians historically had an extremely “us vs. them” attitude. They did not like foreigners; they felt like foreigners disrupted Ma’at, or order, in their realm, and that was what they valued most. Ancient Egyptians often depicted themselves conquering foreigners in their artwork (foreigners were depicted with lighter, yellowish skin and thick hair and beards). Since they had this hostile, elitist attitude towards foreigners, it is extremely unlikely that they ever would have allowed for a foreigner like Joseph to become so highly ranked. The only way I can see that happening is if he came to Egypt under the Hyksos pharaohs (Dynasties 13-17 I believe) in the Second Intermediate Period, who were foreign conquerors (since they wouldn’t have this foreigner complex, as they were Semites). Except once the Hyksos rulers were driven away and the New Kingdom began, Egypt became even stronger, which is not exactly what would happen if a huge slave population escaped (that would leave a damaging void in their infrastructure). And honestly, there was never any documentation of these events by the Egyptians, which is very strange because the Egyptians were meticulous record keepers. Sure, something recording these events could have gotten lost to the world forever, but with an event of this magnitude that is highly unlikely. SOMETHING concrete would have survived. The events of the Biblical Jewish enslavement and exodus in Egypt just never quite match up to the facts that we know of, which means they were either greatly exaggerated or didn’t happen.

    • That’s very true. I also suspected the jews to have invaded Egypt with their Hyksos (Minoan or Greek turks), and were then punished for their crimes against egyptians.

      Maybe they just lied about their high ranks in Egypt? When they were just tyrants in exile, and thieves on the run? Robbers fleeing from their victims, to keep whatever they stole?

      Actually Libyans, Asians and Levites were part of “Egyptians” and had true semitic features, like Americans or Russians do now. So they could have made friends with Jews much easily, than enslave them. Most likely jews just betrayed them, stealing or tricking them, like the Bible even says.

      God even warned the Pharaoh, in a dream, not to sleep with Sara, because she was Ibrahim’s wife. Pharaoh was grateful for avoiding this great sin, and was only told by Ibrahim that Sara was the sister (leaving out the wife part). So Pharaoh was very hospitable even with Ibrahim and Sara, and not really “anti-semitic”, I believe.

      (I was just watching Tessa Testarossa from Full Metal Panic Second Raid, I was surprised to see this reply just now.)

  64. I just need to point out that people who don’t believe use logical reason and speak with a diverse vocabulary while the believers can hardly spell, use historical inaccuracies as facts, and show obvious symptoms of paranoid delusions. 80-90% of the worlds scientific community deny the existence of god, while it is usually the unintelligent lower class who claim to believe. While conversing with churchgoers I notice a clear lack of intellect but yet they claim to know the secrets of the universe, but while talking to atheists I find that many know scientific subjects on a college level. I’m tired of hearing people claim that there is no evidence for evolution when we have enough transitional fossils to make videos from snapshots showing how the evolutionary process occurred. I’m tired of hearing that a virgin gave birth to the son of god. I’m tired of hearing stories of talking snakes, magical boats that hold every animal in the world x2, parting of rivers, and unending food supplies. I’m tired of hearing that the world is less than a million years old. I’m tired of hearing that science is the work of the devil. I’m tired of hearing that if we dont believe you we are going to be tortured for eternity. I’m tired of the hypocrisy and lies. I’m just sick of stupid people claiming they are smarter than the worlds smartest men because they believe in an ancient book.

    • Ad hominem *cough*

      But that’s beside the point. To completely deride the bible as a historical source is foolish, a historian knows to take facts from everything. For example, a highly biased report from a authoritarian government shows us the mindset, the perceived culture and the aims of that administration. Furthermore your article is from a highly biased point of view and despite the one good point about language, is really just a dick waving competition. This is not a decent factual expose of myth, it is little better than the shallow points of the fundamental Christians on here.

      • Have you considered the Egyptians were actually dark africans, and the ones they enslaved were the original White Israelites?

        This would make every sense as to why such white slavery is kept secret, or “denied” to hide the fact that it was invented, created, patented by non-whites specifically against whites.

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  67. John Sullivan Says:

    As a christian I first off have to say that I do believe the hebrews were enslaved and Moses did free them. Like with anything doing with religion it’s a matter of faith.

    That being said reading your article was interesting and rather enjoyable.

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  71. I am a jew that happened and thats it not just the bible you racist items a picture on wall of WIPPING a slave so please stop defieing god and leave me mmy people and the lord ALONE

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  74. This is what the satanic so-called Jews told Jesus:

    John 8:33 “We are Abraham’s descendants and have NEVER BEEN SLAVES of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?

  75. I think it’s funny how all the atheists and agnostics are awesome!

  76. manuel perea Says:

    Many people don’t or just plain fail to understand just how intelligent the ancient egyptians were. There are many ways to enslave an entire nation and have them never suspect anything. You have them believe that there is nothing beyond your borders. That there is only death and suffering. You keep them minimally educated. And pay them only enough to meet their basic needs and ability to obtain the necessary necessities to feel somewhat alive. That’s how you enslave a nation in ancient history.

    • What makes you think you described some past world, and not the present?

      If Earth is “Ancient Egypt”, we are the ones imprisoned by Pagan Dogmas, and most people rarely suspect “anything” at all.

      You have to believe humans only exist on these 6 continents. You give them only false, useless pagan “feducation”. And pay them enough to never travel beyond the “Known World” inhabited by humans. And to have enough to never want to leave here again, for “somewhere else”, or dream of “beyond there”.

      That’s exactly how you enslave an entire world in THE PRESENT. It’s evolved drastically since then, of course.

      Congratulations. You’re a prisoner in “The Village”.

  77. Oups, i posted in the wrong place…
    Here it is again :

    Alright, here are a few “proofs” that the bible contains the word of G-d.

    It is clearly written in the old testament that the Western wall of the Jerusalem temple will NEVER fall. That temple has been destroyed twice, but that western wall never got damaged. You want proof that we are wrong? Go with a tank and try and destroy it. If it goes down, all Jews have no more reason to believe in the bible’s authenticity.

    Another thing, it is said, again very clearly, that all fish that have scales, have fins. (The Mishnah in Niddah 6:9 explains that all fish that have scales also have fins. Therefore, any fish with scales is kosher.) With all the species of fish that we know and have discovered, not one has been found that has scales but not fins. Find one, and we give up our whole belief system.

    Any human being trying to trick the world by creating the old testament and making it seem as a creation of G-d, would never make these statements, especially not in the time period that it was written, for the fear of it being proven false.

    There is ALOT of other statements or “coincidences” as you might call them in the old testament that could easily be proven false if they were indeed false. Only problem is you will not find a loopwhole anywhere.

    • Fish have scales ?!?! REALLY !??!! You don’t Say !!!

      Well Hallelujah, Herp a Derp, and Amen, Sister !! When’s Sunday School?

      Just because some of the “things” in bible are considerable “Godly facts”, doesn’t mean everything in it is. For all you can prove, 99% of the Bible is filled with Demonic Lies, and that 1% of God’s Word is enough to fool most people into blinding believing the rest of it, that isn’t actually true.

      After all if God’s Word is so powerful, why shouldn’t it be strong enough to make the Bible believable, with only 1% of it being true?

      Bible was never for the Moors. The negroids are Cerberus Demons. The Jews are Goblins, Turks and Asians are Trolls, and so forth.

      And angels don’t exist. Chances are, according to how different history of Europe was back then, you can’t understand a single reality of what the Bible was talking about.

      Those times were simply too distant from your present ways of thought and social understanding. You may not possess the basic intelligence to ever comprehend what the Bible was ever talking about.

      You’d have to be a genius for that. And you’ve not proved you are one. So I’ll consider the Bible partially true, only still far beyond your simple mind poisoned with enough Dogma of the present, to be completely blind to “Ancient Truth”.

      Face it. You’re just an Anachronism, as far as the Bible is concerned with you.

      • Is that what i said? Fish have scales?
        First of all, kind of getting off subject here, but you clearly need some education… Not all fish have scales. Not all fish have fins. My statement, well the bible’s, is that ALL fish, that do have scales, do have fins. This does not mean that all fish that have fins have scales. So my point was, if a human were to write this bible so long ago without the tehnology to scan all the oceans from a to z, he would never state something that could so easily be proven wrong.

        Hopefully you understood what i meant and i didn’t overestimate your level of intelligence. Please, in the future, try reading – understanding – rereading, before you try and make others(me) look like a fool. All you did with your response was to show no logic when arguing, no train of thought and just completely ignore the western wall point.

        Then, you go and say that only 1% of the bible is truely g-d’s word. That statement in itself is contradictory…

        You then ask why g-d doesn’t force us to love him and follow his way with all his supposed power…. Well, before starting a blog like this one, you should educate yourself on the subject. G-d gave us free will so we could love him from our own envy and desire. Otherwise what would be the point of him creating this universe. Just to have slaves and fans? No, he created it to give us the option to become great, mediocre, terrible in his eyes, and then reward us accordingly

        Now before you go ahead and throw out one of your cheap insults at my vocabulary, please note i am writting this on my phone and english is my third language so it is obvious i may make some grammatical, vocabulary, and just plain translation errors…

      • It’s obvious english is your third language. You didn’t even read what I said, you just threw whatever answers “felt right”.

        Basically you completely missed the topic and failed to serve the ideas I mentioned. You’re obviously not intelligent enough to even comprehend basic arguments.

        So I shall not waste them on you, any longer. You’re clearly not competent to understand them, even if someone drew charts for them.

        Stupid pagans and your Poseurism.

      • At least you admit there are a ‘those’ times, so I guess you’ve admitted there is some belief in you? And i suppose a demon would be able to predict Israels return? Clearly you haven’t taken the time to read the Bible, and instead of giving it a chance, you throw it out the window. Your people say, ‘open your eyes’, when we can easily say the same right back at you. When Judgment day comes, I hope you know where you stand. And i hope it will be next to me.

  78. Sometimes we BELIEVE in something so long that we are afraid to go out side the box and research things or ourselves. I was raised a Christian and even at an early age, I knew something was not right with these stories. With all the new technology and DNA, we are discovering that the Bible in and of it self has a lot of contradictions and just down right falsifications.

    Most of the museums that have ancient Egyptian artifacts have been tampered with…yes…because for years, they did not want anyone to know that Egyptians were BLACK!…A lot of the stories of the bible are allegory….The bible talks of Egypt as if if was this sinful, disgusting place but the fact is that most of the religions today get their religious beginings from the walls Of Egypt. Spirituality came from Kemet/ Ethiopia, the first genius was Imhotept who was doctor, math-matician and scientist. on the walls there are pictures of forceps and stirrups. Egyptians created the first government and moral society. Greek greats such as Socrates and Aristotle set at the foot of Egyptians where they were taught great knowledge know as philosophy.

    Sooo If God is a creater of all wonderful things, why doesn’t the Bible mention all the great skills and acts of these people? He mentions the greatness of the Jews…The Bible conveniently points out that Egypt was pagen and worshipped “many” gods but the truth is, is that Egypt has always practice monotheism. They worshipped A-men Ra (the sun). The Bible says that the son, S-O-N, is the source of all life. But that is false, the S-U-N is the source of all life. If you take the sun away today, all life on this planet will DIE…. Malachi 4:2 ” the SUN of righteousness”….if you take the time to research things for yourself…the mind will adapt!

    Jesus was brought into existence in 325 A.D at the nicean councel. 318 bishops gathered to decided whether Jesus was the SON of God or the Son of man….ummm question? How can anyone decide on that?…well they did, they said that he was the son of God. BUT IN I JOHN IT SAYS ” If you confess that Jesus come in the flesh is of God, those who say he doesn’t, isn’t)”….Isaiah 43:10 ” there is no God besides me and no Saviour”….Matthew 24:4-5 ” that anyone saying that Jesus is Christ is not of God-a deceiver”

    In the story of Abraham and Sarah, God told Abraham to give his blessing to his youngest son, Issac. But in Deut 21:15-17, God says that even if a husband hate his wife of the first child, the inheritance of the father STILL goes to the first born. hmmmm sooo did God lie? just asking…….Question…Abraham was Jewish right? and Haggar was Egyptian, right? soooo how did Ishmael become an Arab????…Galatians 4:22-24 states that the story of Abraham is an allegory.

    So what I am pointing out in your own Bibles as well as my own is that the stories, accounts and numerous of contradictions are staring us in the face…. most of us go to church and only read the passages that are assigned to us…never questioning anything. for a whole year, I marked the passage to every sermon my pastor preached from…including special speakers…and the majority of the sermons came from” Luke, Matthew, Mark, Romans, Acts, Genesis and John…yes there were one or two from some of the other books..but with 52 Sundays, not one sermon from revelations, numbers, judges, exodus (only on Easter), Levitcus, and sooo on…why?? are these books not important???..

    This Christanity thing is for the betterment of the Romans…They burned and destroyed all other spiritual literature so everyone would believe that Christanity was the only true religion. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve would have been approx 6,020 years old today…..that’s funny the sphinx and pyramids are thousands of years older than that..sooooo how is that possible..(tapping my fingers on the desk)….According to the bible, incest is an abomination…really…well Cain and Able slept with their mother….ohhhh I get it..they had tooo..oooo.k.

    And for the person who made the comment about being tired of hearing about the atrocities of African- Americans…Well Its obvious that you are not an African American…Also it speaks volumes to me and my people when we were forced over here on slaves ships packed like rats and sardines, bought and sold with no humanity or dignity….by the way, in France it was called servitude and we were allowed to earn wages and be treated like human beings…..also, we had our families torn apart, raped by white man, spat on, told we were not better than cattle, but we were however we were good enough to breast feed your thats funny!…every other ethnic group came over here through immigration (except for native Americans) and they were allowed to keep their culture and assimilate as they saw”s have their own communities, their language, their food, their music, their cultural beliefs as well as asians, polish, Irish, Arab, Muslims and soo on…So the question I ask is why not African Americans???..doesnt matter!!

    but in conclusion, theology is not history..period. Just because the landmarks are real doesnt mean the stories are. The Hebrews were not enslaved and had they been and all that happened, the Egyptians would have documented… least some of it….but there is none..most of you are trying to fit pieces into a puzzle that dont fit…..this earth was here way before Christianity, Jews or Jesus and the people that were here, I would suspect that they would have had a better account of the spirituality of this world…..which is more scientific than religious….and it wasnt the fore mentioned religions!…..So instead of running to the defense of something or regurgitating what someone else has said, research it for yourself and draw your own conclusion. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Even the bible says people parish for the lack of knowledge.

    • Alright, so Jo-Jen, your first comment is about the spelling of the word S-O-N or S-U-N… You do realize the old testament was written in ancient Hebrew right? your English spelling of it has no effect on what the word means in ancient Hebrew. Both words have nothing in common in Hebrew.

      Second, you talk about whether or not Jesus was really the son of god and using this as an excuse to why the bible is a forgery.
      Jesus is NEVER mentioned in the old testament. Jews go by the old testament. They absolutely do NOT consider anything written in the new testament as credible.

      Third, You are terribly mistaking about the Abraham and Sarah scenario. First of all, He was told to give his blessing to his oldest son, which is NOT Isaac. Ishmael did get a blessing. He got one because he knew he needed one. Then Isaac got one because he deserved it. Secondly, Abraham was absolutely not Jewish. Abraham was the first believer in one limitless and ever powerful G-D. Abraham was not Jewish and neither were his kids. They followed the word of G-D, but the Jewish religion did not exist yet.
      The Jewish Religion was created when G-D gave the bible to the Israelite and Moses on Mount Sinai after having left Egypt, way after Abraham’s existence.

      You then ask this question: “.Question…Abraham was Jewish right? and Haggar was Egyptian, right? soooo how did Ishmael become an Arab????…Galatians 4:22-24 states that the story of Abraham is an allegory.”

      Say, for the sake of it, that you are right and that Abraham was Jewish. It is written in the bible that babies inherit religion from the mother. So in this case, Ishmael was not Jewish, but instead, an “Arab” which is not a religion either, by the way. People might consider Ishmael Arab because his decedents were the Arabs. and Isaac’s were the Israelite (not Jews). You are mixing faith and race here. But in both senses of these words you are just wrong.

      You then say that the bible says incest is terrible. Yet, Cain and Able slept with their mother… Again, the bible did not even exist back then…. And say it did, just because they slept with their mother doesn’t mean they were right too. It only means that they did not follow the bible’s word(assuming it existed, when we all know it didn’t). Why does this shock you? Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree. And they weren’t following a bible, they were following G-d’s actual words to them.

      You also state that pyramids, fossils, statues around the world are billions of years old. Or hundreds of thousands or thousands more than the creation of Adam according to the bible. So you decide to believe science, instead of believing proven holy words. You realize this same science thought the universe rotated around the earth. It also thought that the planet was flat. It also thought the Atom was the smallest thing on earth… No but you’re right, science is the way to go… They never let us down!

      By the way, just a quick science lesson for you here… When something is put in boiling water, especially earth, fossils or almost anything else for that matter, it ages exponentially. So when scientists do their carbon dating tests and see that something is millions of years old, not only is there the possibility that their test is not as accurate as you would believe, but there is also the explanation that everything on earth aged tremendously.

      Genesis 7:12 says that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, but Genesis 7:24 says that the water flooded the earth for a 150 days.
      That’s not a contradiction. They’re two different statements.
      It rained for 40 days, but the earth was filled with boiling water for 150 days…

      Also, when it is said that the earth was created in seven days. It means that during the time the earth was created, along with all living creatures and plants etc… that we had 7 days and 7 nights. This does not actually mean an exact 7 days as the notion of time did not exist yet. G-d told the sun when to rise, so to speak…

      All you thought was wrong about the bible, has just been proven real, but that is not enough. I will go further. ALOT of “stories” in the old testament are 100% genuine. I say ALOT in the sens that ALOT of them have been proven genuine. They are all 100% genuine, but have not all been proven yet.

      It is written, very clearly, that Abraham purchased a burial ground for his wife which ended up having him, his wife, his son, and more…. This burial ground is still standing today, and can easily be seen.

      It is written, very clearly, that G-D told Abraham to get his cousin out of Sodom without looking back because he will be destroying it with salt. It then goes on to say that Lot, the cousin, turned and instantly got frozen in a sea of salt. That Salt statue is still there, right by the dead sea which was also filled with salt.

      There are so many more but I don’t have the time for this right now.

      I am not trying to bash science as it has provided alot of benefits to our lives. But you need to know that humans are prone to make mistakes, whereas G-D, never makes any mistakes.

      When I said earlier in an other post about some facts written in the old testament. I meant it, prove any of these facts that are very clearly written black on white wrong, and I will leave the Jewish faith forever. Not only I, but all Rabbis, all religious people… ALL!

      • If you meant that Abraham was not of the tribe of Judah, OK. Yet he was of the circumcision because God commanded that he circumcise all the males with him including himself.

      • Read more of it and I think you mean that Abraham was not “Jewish” in the sense of being an Israeli or, actually, a Hebrew. Yes, his children were the circumcision. Most people today have the idea of Israeli/Hebrew confused with Judah/Jew. Most people use that word, Jew(ish) to mean Israelis/Hebrews.

      • You need to read the Bible. Abraham did not go to Sodom. The angels of the Lord did. Lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt for looking back, not Lot who is Abraham nephew.

      • You ain’t no rabbi.

  79. Dinosaurs. Fossils from billions of years ago. That about quashes your, world being created in 7 days, only a few thousand years ago.

    • That would only really pertain to the young earth believers…Which represent the smallest portion of opinions that christians hold. Many christians are indeed old earth believers. I dont know how long it took God to make the earth….I know he did it faster than i could have.

      And a quick question, just because i’ve always wondered: If the earth was created using The Big Bang Theory via an infinately dense molecule. Who made the molecule? And if our Galaxy was created this way, are all other galaxies assumed to have been created in the same mannor? Would that indicate that there are billions of these infinately dense molecules floating around in space? There sure are a lot of different galaxies!

  80. “We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.”
    Okay we don’t know everything and to say we do is awful pompous. There is a record of the Jews in Egypt just because you choose not to accept it doesn’t make it false.

  81. Missingpiece Says:

    Truth is, you are not a credible source either. I think you could have backed up your information much better. Also, use better language if you are really trying not to offend a religious group. You shouldnt have gone as far to say “it never happened”. You should have just left it at there is no evidence to support it happening.

  82. Look, this is just to clear up the matter of religion. You guys can bash the Bible around all you want looking for reasons why it’s not true. Why? Its because the Bible has set our morals, so we KNOW what’s right and wrong. You people however, don’t want that, and you want to decide for yourselves right from wrong. It’s as simple as that. That’s why above and below, many people reference the ‘ten commandments’. Its probably because they commit one of these sins everyday, and they want to do so with no consequences for their actions. Look, im not perfect, I sin too. But all because you want to get off free, don’t beat down what we believe in. Thank you.

    • I thought we were under grace as in salvation without works? The minute you Bible thumpers start demanding people live to a certain standard then you are being Judaizers which was condemned by St. Paul.

  83. are you stupid?

    • Was that an educated response? Or a rhetorical question? Either way good sir, I shall reply in the manner that you have decided to reply to me. You sir, are stupid.


    This is a publication of a well known Jewish page. Mr. Josh Mintz shows the truth about the exodus of the Jews.

    • Mr Josh Mintz is absolutely idiotic and uneducated on the subject. He says there are no traces of Hebrews ever having been in Egypt.

      Hieroglyph experts have stated that there many similarities between the ancient Egyptian letters and those of the ancient biblical writings. They have also found many graves near the Pyramids that contained clothes that look almost exactly like a Jewish Talit does.

      There has also been demographic studies that have shown that some of today’s Egyptians’ DNA show traces of Jews’ DNA. These people could be descendants of Hebrew families who stayed behind.

      Do NOT say there is no proof as you are dead wrong!

      • Well, I have seen some examples of paleo-Hebrew and they don’t really look like Egyptian hieroglyphs; at least the ones I have seen.

  85. MODULATION Says:

    The letter “J” is only about 500 years old and isn’t even found in the original 1611 KING JAMES BIBLE SO THE JEWS WAS NEVER EXIT

  86. home remedies for yeast infection in women…

    […]MYTH: Jews were enslaved by the Egyptian Pharaoh and Moses set them free. « Everything You Know Is Wrong[…]…

  87. the story of the jews being oppressed at the time of the ancient Egypt was definitely true because the Holy Qur’an says the story in detail. And the Pharaoh whose body was promised to be preserved in the Holy Qur’an by Allah All Mighty is the one in the British Museum. He was found in the red sea bed in a prostrating position saying ‘Allah’ (with guilt at death) and was put in the museum as a naturally preserved mummy, when muslims started talking about it they turned him on his side so that he does not look like he is prostrating. Search it if you dont believe and check out the details of the story from the Holy Qur’an. By the way you are very right by recommending them to talk to Africans.

    • Got some news for you. First, the word Allah would not have been spoken by a Pharaoh from the Exodus period because The Prophet who founded Islam was not born until 570AD. Yeah, AD not BC.


    This website is a Jewish news website that admits there is really no evidence of this happening and that it was really just a metaphor.

  89. Michael Says:

    Since you believe that the story of the children of israel is false than how do you explain all of the archeologist info that’s out there about the crossing of the red sea, the giant water stone, how do you explain the burnt mountain which the bible says that Yahweh came down and burnt this mountain. How do you explain the fact that in human beings dna are 12 hebrew letter. Hebrew was written before egyptian was ever thought of.

    • You are out to lunch. First, Hebrew was not a written language until after the Exodus. That, according to the Bible is when Moses wrote the books. Then again, how do you explain the man named Abraham sojourning in Egypt with Sarah?? Now, Egypt is one of the oldest human nations. Get that into your head.
      As to the other items you mention I would rather these things be proven by an independent group capable of making such examinations.
      Further, the Hebrew you see in print nowadays goes back to 400BC-it is not Hebrew. It was developed by the captive Hebrews to keep their traditions alive.

  90. I don’t know if anybody else has told you about Pharoah’s 4 spoked golden chariot wheel and other 6 spoked chariot wheels, axles etc., along with horse bones and human bones found on a natural land bridge that is under the waters of the red sea with the crossing site marked on either side by 2 pillars erected probably (based on the writings on one of them) by king Solomon. You can actually find several videos on youtube on the red sea crossing and these artifacts, Ron Wyatt (deceased) discovered the pillars and Micheal Rood has a DVD on it. There is also the black mountain top and split stone that water came out of with several relevant heiroglyphics at the true mount Sinai also available on DVD or youtube, You can also go to the mountains of Ararat where the Turkish government has built a road and a museum/visitor information building at the site where Noah’s ark has been found, I’m sure the Turkish government did their homework before they spent millions of dollars on the road and building. Of course there is Sodom and Gomorrah burnt by brimstone along with all the research gone into the composition of the brimstone and the videos at Of course real discoveries has many other “real” biblical archealogical discoveries you can check out while you are there. But if you really want to know the Bible is God’s word you can look into the prophecies that are now in our past but were written down well before they happened, like Isaiah prophecying about Cyrus by name 150 years before he conquered Babylon or if you grab a study bible and check out Daniel chapter 11 with the study bible giving you all the names of the kings of the north and south up to Antiocus Epiphineas it’s really quite amazing, or there is the 70 weeks prophecy in Daniel 9 with the coming of Jesus to the day. Chuck Missler has some god videos and he explains the 70 weeks prophecy, but he also authenticates the bible with many miraculous anomallies like pi in 1Kings chapter 7 and Genesis 1:1 and “E” in John 1:1, then there is “my name is Yeshua (Jesus)” in Isaiah 53 along with all the names of the apostles except Judas and 3 Mary’s etc. Then there is the heptadic structure Chuck Missler shows as a”signature” of God in the new testament and ties it into the old testament. I could go on for days about all the proof I’ve found that not only is there a God, but there is but one God, his name is Yehovah and his son is Yeshua, Yehovah in hebrew is spelt yod hey vav hey which renders a meaning “behold the hand behold the nail”, Yeshua also has a meaning “Yehovah saves” so put these 2 meanings together and you get “behold the hand behold the nail that saves”. The question then is- saved from what? and the most applicable answer for those that have not had the veil removed from before their hearts is the wrath to come, what wrath? the day of the Lord approaches the year of vengeance of our God! When is this day/year you might ask- go to that you may know and be saved, made whole, be given eternal life and yes the fairy tale is true: the prince charming (Jesus) rescues the princess (the church) they get married (wedding supper of the lamb) and they all live happily ever after in a great big castle (the new Jerusalem). I wish I could say “don’t believe me I don’t care” but that is a lie I do not wish to demons or fallen angels but I pray that the God of heaven may bless you and reveal to you that he is your father and I pray you come to know him as father and not judge as it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!!!

    • Well, as soon as those items are brought to the surface so that we can see the gold spokes and axel then I might believe. I think its fantasy.

    • How do you know any of this stuff is true? You believe!! People believe lots of things that are just not true. Also, when you say Yehovah you mean the older spelling/word Jehovah? You are deluded.

    • Did you ever check out the sources for verifying that those prophecies were made during the times (someone who wrote a study Bible says they did selected sources that agreed with his ideas) like the one about Cyrus. Also, did you ever think that the name may have been common or that its not even a personal name but a title?

  91. derek ishhut Says:

    So i am to believe some guy with a wordpress blog over to one of the best historical timeline that exists. mind you, the Bible most likely has mistakes, but i think ill stick with that for now.

  92. To all of you god and jesus freaks. Do you believe in santa, the easter bunny, or tooth fairy? Probably not. Then why in the hell would you believe in god or jesus? They don’t exist never have and never will. They are all creations of men. Its all about controlling peoples mind. Read the bible and you will see that your precious god has the characteristics of a psychopath. He loves you but if don’t do what he says you burn in hell for eternity. Yup that’s love. You fucking idiots use your brains for once and not some dumb collection of fairy tales.

    • Wow, have you studied the bible much? You seem to have a small understanding of the bible. Just real quick, the opposite of God is what? Evil is the answer, Hell is the absentce of God, and if you have read the bible…what leads you to believe that you do not desirve Hell? We all desirve Hell, but got sent his son to be beaten and hung on the cross for YOUR sins. He has taken the burden for all of your wrong doings….If your son was tortured and killed brutally for anothers life…What would you expect in return? This is assuming the bible is true, if you dont believe the bible is true…thats ok, but have some respect and dignity for anothers beliefs.

  93. My aunt recommended this website and she is right! keep up
    your good work

  94. almost an agnostic, but not quite Says:

    Oh dear….. It would seem we have many angry theists and atheists alike. Before I offer some proofs…..

    the Egyptians were not, in fact, ‘black’. ethnically, the peoples of the Sahara were more closely related to Arabs, even before the expansion of Islam, due to the physical and cultural barrier the Saharan Desert posed. Only sub-saharan Africans are what could, ethnically, be described as ‘black’ Though their was some interaction with ‘black’ people down the Nile River into Ethiopia, for the most part the Middle East was a one-stage play .

    Secondly, there is nowhere in the Bible were it states the earth is only a few thousand years old. albeit, that is a widely held belief, but it’s not written in stone per se.

    Also, for the author of this article, the Bible offers some surprisingly accurate insights. For example, the Hittite peoples, who are mentioned frequently in the Bible, were once believed to not exist, and served as a detractor to the Bible’s authenticity. However, years later, archeological digs found outside evidence of these peoples, and thus, their existence. While you may disregard many of the ‘divine’ tales in the Bible (as is your right as an atheist) you cannot dispute the fact that, for the most part, it is at the very least more or less accurate. What many of you fail to realize is that myths and legends are most of the time based in fact. While it is doubtful that King Arthur received his sword from the Lady of the Lake, or cut off all the extremities of the Black Knight, many authorities believe that he was an actual historical figure, whom fought in some battles and killed some ‘bad guys’. As an atheist, you cannot simply argue against something because the other side supports it. It’s a lot like politics. Only the moderates actually end up swaying people or getting things done, while the extremists just end up looking stupid and embarrassing their party.

    And now for the language argument. Someone earlier (I’m too lazy to scroll up and see who) was saying that the Jewish language bears no traces of Egyptian influence. This is factually 100% true. However, modern-day Hebrew is an entirely different ball game than ancient Hebrew. The Hebrew spoken today is a re-creation of a dead language, put together sometime after the creation of Israel as a state to give everyone a universal language. Obviously, it’s based on existing scripts and copies of the Torah, but Hebrew was, for all intents and purposes, a dead language until the 40’s.

    Just a few arguments off the top of my head, I’m sorry if I didn’t get to yours. concluding, this page could have possibly shaped up into a top-notch debate, with some thoughtful insights, quality sources (sorry for not having any), and some true thinking. Unfortunately, this did not happen for the most part. Many people seem to think that because they are atheists, it is their sworn duty to try their hardest to attack the faith of the non non-believers, and try their hardest to wipe theism from the face of the earth. Same holds true for Christians. Please, try to avoid this. We live in a free country (well, most of us) where you are free to hold whatever opinion you wish on anything. While it’s fine, and even encouraged, to share your opinion with everyone, and even try to convince them why you are right, it only angers people when you go out of your way to try and destroy their beliefs. so please, feel free to carry on, just try to reflect some sort of civility.

    • Think you are wrong about the language thing, at least the written stuff. I think the fact is that the Israelis adopted the current script during the Babylonian diaspora. It maybe Aramaic. You will need to check that out.

  95. anonymous Says:

    Dear author, I would really appreciate it if you could delete the comment made by olivia stangret. thank you so much.

  96. First of all, you make a good argument but just because there is a LACK of evidence doesn’t mean that an event did not happen. Further more, although the Egyptians did keep great records, they also didn’t care much if slaves lived or died so it is a possibility that they just neglected to write it down. Or, the records, if they where ever kept, were probably written on papyrus, which doesn’t keep well over thousands of years. Also, the Hebrews where very resistant in regards to their religion, which required them to speak Hebrew to worship, so they probably would have kept their native tongue. In the end it’s still up for debate because of lack of evidence from both sides.

    • Well, OK. But let me remind you that the Hebrews were in Egypt for a very long time. Please remember that Joseph was also a Hebrew and was the most powerful man, except for Pharoah, when the Hebrews came down to Egypt. And they were there 400 years. So in 400 years, nearly 2x the length of time we have been in North America, the Egyptians had nothing to say about the Hebrews??

  97. Nelson Gikbein Says:

    The “Heberew” were a mercenary force hired by Egypt. They were never enslaved enmasse. If, as the bible suggests, 610,000 people left Egypt as slaves, they would have been forced to take most of Egypt with them. There is no food in the desert!

    • Yes, read exodus. God mutiplied the hebrew flocks with the population. And yes, the hebrew’s took all of their flocks and heards. And you are correct, there was nothing left in Egypt after the hebrews left. God had destroyed all of it with the pleagues.

  98. The one thing this author is right about is that Jews were never in Egypt, but Hebrews were

  99. I have a question for my clergy friends. In my studies it has been made known to me that Jews have not been in bondage to any man and therefor the covenant made between God and Abram’s seed can’t be referring to the people in the state of Israel. What is your insight on the following?

    This is a conversation the Jews had with Jesus in John 8:31-33

    31.Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
    32.And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    33.They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

    If they have never been in bondage to any man and Egyptian history far surpasses a 6,000 year history with no record of ever enslaving Jews.

    Then who is the seed the following is referring to?

    God is talking to Abram in Genesis 15:12-15

    12.And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him.
    13.And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;
    14.And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.
    15.And thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age.

    Thank you.

  100. Can you please contact me? I would like you to delete my comments I have made in the past. Thank you!

  101. Just Thinking Says:

    You know…..there’s many many people who also deny that the Holocaust happened despite all the evidence that it did. And it again involves the Jews. So the evidence you seek is irrelevant. If there is or isn’t proof it’s irrelevant. It all comes down to faith for a believer. For a nonbeliever it all comes down to proof. However no amount of proof will convince a nonbeliever just like the lack of it will never change a believers mind. Since Christian bashing is all the rage these days, far more so than any other religion, it seems like the Bible got that one right…that’s exactly what it says will happen. When you look at all the scientific proof of where we came from and how the universe was made isn’t much of that also taken on faith. You are taking someone’s word for it based on experiments and equations and theories. And you cant say that proves anything. Not all scientists agree but all believe they’re right. Just like religion. If you don’t respect someone’s beliefs and purposely set out to try and disprove or offend their beliefs, which I’m sure is the intent of your article and many others like it, then you shouldn’t expect to receive a warm welcome. Seems like nonbelievers can be as disrespectful as they want but the believer is expected to “turn the other cheek” and suck it up. The best part is when you quote the bible you dont believe in to make your point. I wish the mainstream media, the ACLU and others would either leave Christianity alone or attack everyone…. Including the Muslim faith….wait that could be dangerous. Guess that’s why Christianity is an easy target. Peace out.

    • Well, I do agree that sign seeking is unChristian. Like the Shroud of Turin. Its doubting Thomas stuff.
      However, answer me this: If God is Our Father, and the Father of all human beings, how come he lets kids be born with incredible defects, even death causing defects? Quite the Father, huh?

  102. I want to start out by saying im not a Jew! Nor do i believe the Bible to be 100% true. I’m in all honesty a Bible skeptic. However I’m a historian and a scholar.(Not an English major)Your unwillingness to cite uncredited sources is fine with me. However when introduceing something as fact you have to be able to produce some evidence. You make many statements and claim them as fact, but refuse to back them up! You hide behind a statement “This article is about the LACK of evidence of the events surrounding the Jewish people and the enslavement by the Egyptians.” However you spend your time and ours depunking the Jewish religon. Not simply addressing a lake of evdance. In the same article you contradict yourself by stating as a fact “sorry to all the Jewish people out there, but your ancestors were never enslaved by Egyptians”,”This one might piss some people off but the real truth is that the Jewish people were never enslaved by the Pharaoh” Your uncited sources are extreamly less creditabal than the Bible. You claim the Egyptians kept great records but fail to inform your reader that the Great Library of Alexandria, where most records from that era were kept was burnt to the ground in 84BC!!( You claim as fact they wernt slaves but wont prove it with history! ” construction in Egypt was done by free Egyptians is a matter of archaeological fact.” Also very wrong! Egypt is riddled with hieroglyphs depicting slaves building great structures!! I I00% believe free Egyptians also built great things without the use of slaves . I ‘m however not so ignorant to refute the fact of slaves being used in ancient times! Humans are after all a lazy animal by nature! (we can go into more detail on that later if you like)Then we come to this doozy of a statement ” but if you are still a little sore about an oppression that occurred thousands of years ago by a people who no longer exist today and never to yourself, then get over it. Talk to an African American about slavery if you want to vent. Thank you” Your helping my point every corner we turn! Why would a Jew, who was forced into slavery by a different race. Want to speak to an African American, who was first forced into slavery in American by fellow a African American( Anthony Johnson)!( Or did you not know that!! How many people will know the story of Anthony Johnson in 2800 years? It’s only two hundred years old and I’m sure most Americans have no clue of this! This is a matter of record! Where would this story be if our storage facility of information was destroyed as the library of Alexandria? Hard question to answer isn’t it? If you don’t know slave history that’s less than three hundred years old why should I take your word on something three thousand years old? You honestly produce less evidence to present your side of the debate than than the people of the Jewish faith. If I was forced to score your arugment in a debate class, and or speech I unfortanly would have to fail you! Remember all this is coming from a Bible skeptic and your doing a terrible job of convincing even me!! I look forward to reading your response but please try and be historically accurate because I’m going to nail you on it if your wrong. After all its my Job too!

  103. You know what’s funny? How people speak on stuff with so much confidence that they cannot prove. For 1, why would Egyptians keep a record of enslaving a group of people who eventually made them look like fools. 1 thing I do know is that the curses in that Bible to the Israelites came to be, & still are today. I mean the real Israelites not them imposters who inhabit Israel today. Jews are a tribe of israel, the tribe of Judah, so they would have been there too .

    • I know that line about not mentioning the Hebrews because they left Egypt in ruins. But wait, are you telling me that the Egyptians removed 400 years of Hebrews in Egypt after the Hebrews left?
      According to the Bible, they were in Egypt 400 years. That is nearly twice as long as Europeans and their descendants have been in North America. You mean there are no Egyptian records about the Hebrews??

  104. What’s Taking place i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & help different users like its helped me. Great job.

  105. The Bible was not intended to be read as a history book, it was written as a spiritual guide for believers in God. Those of us who believe in God don’t need proof of the events written about in the Bible.

    Although, if you had actually done any research before writing this article you would have found numerous articles where archeology finds does confirm events in the Bible. Your theory that the Hebrews were never slaves because you cannot find any reference outside of the Bible is not proof that they weren’t slaves at some time in history.

    I’m not sure I understand why you wrote this article. Are you really searching for the truth, or did you just want to start an argument? I’m guessing the latter. I doubt that anyone’s opinion was changed one way or the other by your article.

  106. I was unprepared for what you have said about the Hebrews never having been in Egypt. Well, maybe not, that is, you being right about that.
    However, something I do find incredulous is that idea that 2 to 3 million Hebrews left Egypt!!
    How many human beings were alive in 1400 bc is why I find this hard to believe.
    Any population info outside of the Bible?

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