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MYTH: Oxygenated Water is something special

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Okay, a friend of mine brought this big load of crap into my ever skeptical light. So this overpriced shit water apparently contains so much oxygen it will give you more strength, agility, and overall performance enhancement when you drink it. But the fact is that unless you are a fish, you aren’t getting anything except water. Your lungs are the only way you get the oxygen needed to power your body not your digestive tract. That’s why we drown when we are submerged in water! I mean really, think about this before you buy into it. If you could get oxygen solely from drinking water, what’s stopping you from just drinking a shit-load of it when you are drowning at the bottom of a lake? The bottom line is: you can’t get oxygen from a bottle of water. And not only that, you can’t get any extra oxygen than you normally do because the body wont allow it–or will get very sick trying. Taking a bunch of deep breaths isn’t going to cause anything but you passing out; evolution of our bodies and lungs has prevented this. “According to the [research], the are only two ways to carry oxygen in the blood…when it is bound to hemoglobin or dissolved in the plasma. In most people hemoglobin is already 97 to 98 percent saturated with oxygen.” ( Sport Medicine). In fact, too much oxygen has been proven to be bad for you! Take oxygen bars for example. This is a place where you pay for oxygen and sit and breathe it in much like a regular bar. This oxygen is 95% pure whereas we typically breath 21% pure air on a daily basis. But this has been proven to actually be harmful to you:

Also, let me point out that there is only so much oxygen you can compress into a bottle of water. It certainly is not enough to even equal a single breath. And even if you got it in there, as soon as you opened the bottle it would all escape back into the air. I mean, you should take serious offense to this! These companies think you are a complete moron; dumb enough to buy into something that is completely obvious. And the sad thing is that LOTS of people buy into this. Don’t be another sucker.

So, rest assured you are not missing anything by not drinking this miracle drink. This is just another drink fad that has no merit or scientific research to back the medicinal claims. It is bottled snake oil; just a modern reject from a traveling medicine show. Be sure to get plenty of regular water because dehydration can cause muscle fatigue and all kinds of other problems, but don’t forgot to breath while doing so or you will FUCKING DIE!

Here’s some more stuff to check out (although a simple google search will give you plenty of debunking facts–I had to really try to find an actual article or page supporting this hunk of shit).