MYTH: Indians and Pilgrims sat down and had a dinner we now call Thanksgiving/Indians invented Scalping

This is yet another little piece of bullshit we have been force fed all of our lives by pretty much everyone in the country. Another thing we just instinctively swallow without ever realizing how improbable it is. Thanksgiving is like something out of a Disney movie. The friendly pilgrims sitting down at a big table with the friendly natives to feast and love one another. Pilgrims nor Native Americans ever sat down and had a big meal that we now celebrate as Thanksgiving. Sorry folks, you’re living a lie and getting fat for no reason at all. They were all too busy killing each other. In fact they never even ate a bird called Turkey and certainly never had pumpkin pie. And Thanksgiving never actually became a holiday until Lincoln declared it one for the hell of it in 1863. And while we are on the topic of Native Americans, there’s another myth that the savage indians invented the cruel and unusual method of scalping. Well actually they learned it from the Europeans! They had been scalping for hundreds of years. Dutch and English colonists were paid “scalp bounties” by their leaders as a means to keep the indians scared. Finally the indians decided to use it against them and soon its origin was forgotten and the scalping method became synonymous with Native American cruelty.


10 Responses to “MYTH: Indians and Pilgrims sat down and had a dinner we now call Thanksgiving/Indians invented Scalping”

  1. Well, in fairness, there were a number of harvest or bounty celebrations around the U.S. at different times throughout November. All Lincoln did was unify them on one specific day to give thanks. And I believe that date was changed by FDR who wanted to create a longer Chistmas shopping season post-Thanksgivng.

    Turkey, as you point out, was not a staple necessarily of these bounty celebrations, but had become an integral part of the American diet. Which is why Benjamin Franklin wanted the U.S. to adopt the turkey as our national bird.

    • Thanks for the update, Frank. That’s really interesting to know. Where did you read about this? I’m always looking for a good book, and always looking for updates to the things I talk about on here.

  2. So, if you’re saying that this is bullshit, where’s your proof. And don’t say that there are no records or documents that can veritably state Thanksgiving was created when pilgrims and Indians sat down together to eat (with no Disney emotion necessarilly included). If you hadn’t realized, not every event in history can or was written down on a piece of paper.

  3. There’s a book called “One Night Stands in American History,” which captures a number of these tidbits. And yes, Fre, if you asked a Native American what Thanksgiving stands for they’d probably say “European domination of North America”.

  4. I do agree with Stephen. Not everything is written on paper. And most things are born from bits of truth. Doesn’t make them bullshit.

  5. As a native american you are full of crap at least on the scalping, personally we never celebrated thankgiving not much for us to celebrate. * but * scalping was in america (prior to settelers) as well and through out the world, no one ever said it was just a native american thing, its a warrior thing.
    you should propabaly, i dont know go to college and study some history antropology and philanthopy before you continue with is nonsensical site.
    **And we’re native americans not indians, theres an ocean of difference lol geographical humor!

    • Hey Tonto, why don’t you actually read the fucking entry before you comment. Fucking idiots, i swear to god. Doesn’t anyone who comments on these posts actually read them and understand what the purpose of this blog is about? It’s not about research, its not about proving things with facts. Its about how everything you know has the possibility of being completely wrong due to the distortion of facts over time and by word of mouth. EVERYTHING is wrong, because I am always right.

      Don’t ever comment on my posts again unless you read them, you prick.

  6. bill reid Says:

    whats the point ,ya dick, ? Shit is proof. Don’t just say it. You will be as bad as the rest. Because I say so !!! ya dumb ass!

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