MYTH: Life is Beautiful and Meaningful

The belief that life is beautiful is completely in the eye of the beholder. If you think life is beautiful, and kind, and meaningful, that’s because you happen to be lucky enough to live a beautiful and meaningful life. Try telling a child born with AIDS in complete destitution in Africa who comes into a world of filth, starvation and death that life is beautiful. Try telling someone who gets eaten by a shark, or a bear, or a gang of bears that life is kind and generous. Trying telling yourself that life is beautiful when it suddenly becomes callous and cold. It seems the only people who are out there searching for the meaning of life are people who have absolutely nothing else to do. And finding a meaning in all life doesn’t necessarily mean your life is going to suddenly mean shit to anyone.

The truth is that life is neither meaningful, beautiful, or anything. Life is just a series of events that have no real definition or direction. It never really leads anywhere

    because life never stops


People die, people are born. Life has no color or description; it is neither gray, black & white, purple, or magenta. Life is basically clear and translucent; a vast empty, figurative space. Its “color” is totally dependent on on its backdrop. For some people, life is a veil over a series of beautiful memories, wealth and fame, love and generosity. For others the backdrop is something far worse; far more terrifying, far more cruel.

So my point is that all of you who are out there looking for a meaning to life–some kind of reason behind living–you can stop now and stop wasting your time. No other animal sits around and thinks this. A squirrel just wants to keep living, eating, shitting, etc. Stop questioning why and just continue on with the next event. Just be lucky you are getting to experience life because before you know it, it could snub you out completely. Life is only meaningful to people who are alive, anyway. It’s called self-interest. Go ask a dead person what they think about life. Go ahead, try it. Looking for meaning in life is just as big a waste as trying to talk to a corpse. And it’s rude as fuck to walk around saying “Life is beautiful. Life is so meaningful.” It’s like walking into a homeless shelter and telling everyone how great it is to own a house and have a family, and to have food to eat every night. Or like blowing smoke in the face of a 5 year old with terminal cancer.

And every time you say life is beautiful, you are giving an African baby full blown AIDS. Thanks a lot.


9 Responses to “MYTH: Life is Beautiful and Meaningful”

  1. he’s right you know. well, except that full blown aids part

  2. Janneth Quintero Says:

    this guy is to real, to funny and right on the money.

  3. Geez—lighten up dude—true, life is what you make it, and we all are dealt a certain hand, but if your negative view is “reality” I’d rather live in a fantasy world—

  4. oh, cynics. i laugh in your general direction.

  5. obviously you live a painful life without passion i pitty you deeply

    • I do, but I live a very comfortable life by most standards. My only struggle is self-loathing and paranoia with a dash of an overly self-conscious ego.

      You obviously don’t get the point of the post, but thank you for your pity. But please, save it for the starving children, or the guy getting eaten alive by fire ants in the jungle somewhere, or the innocent guy in prison getting ass raped. Tell those people how beautiful and fragile life is. I’m doing just fine.

  6. I think part of the reason people are so miserable in life is because they think in just the way you are saying we should think. I like to look at the bright side of things because it makes things more bearable and it generally makes me happier. Sure, life really sucks sometimes, and all of the time for some people, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful aspects of life that everyone can appreciate. Take, for example, the sunset. How many times do people actually stop and appreciate the beauty of the sunset? There is beauty in everything, even in the bad things (and that can be a controversial opinion but I find it to be true). Beauty, after all, is simply that which moves you, whether positively or negatively.

    And also, life only means what you think it means and that meaning is what you make of it. So if you think it’s meaningless, then it is. If you find ways to make it meaningful, you’re enriching your own life and the lives of those around you.

  7. dude, you need some help

  8. Your Lord and Master Says:

    Haha, your sarcasm is detected.
    What’s that?
    You weren’t sarcastic?

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