MYTH: Betsy Ross designed the American Flag

Betsy Ross did not design the American flag. The myth started around 1870 when Betsy’ Ross’s grandson told a meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Society that she had been asked to design a flag for the newly born nation and it quickly spread without any merit. Betsy did make flags, just not the flag we all know and can’t seem to bring ourselves to burn anymore. To this day there is no proof that Betsy had anything to do with the flag. In fact, no one really knows who designed the flag. Some people believe it’s design actually comes from a military banner used during the Revolutionary War.

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3 Responses to “MYTH: Betsy Ross designed the American Flag”

  1. Unknown One Says:

    The design of the american flag was inspired by designs in egyptian pyramids.

  2. If as you maintain, “no one really knows who designed the flag” then how can you claim Betsy Ross did not?

    • Fuck I don’t know, and don’t give a shit. The purpose of this blog is not to prove anything. It’s just it is common knowledge that Betsy Ross design the flag, but there is no evidence to support it and most likely she did not. It’s a fact that has no credibility. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. Please read the fucking disclaimer for this blog before you start asking for facts. I simply don’t give a shit.

      Getting really sick of having to remind people of that. Next time somebody’s getting shot in the ass.

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